Monday, November 23, 2015

Lovin' Lazy Days...

 Well, I have to say I love these lazy mornings.  I think I slept til 9am and the kids just did their own thing.  I think the day started like it ended...with some movies.  They boys were chillin' here...the girls were playing dolls upstairs :) Daddy stayed home for a bit since he is working tonight.  A little extra sleep was nice for us all. 
They even played w/o argument for awhile...can you spot Loggy above on the ipad?
 I meant to get moving early, but I never got out of pj's til 4pm.  And out we went for a walk...this is pretty much how it went...the boys chasing each other...Ash helping me...and Shelb hanging her head bc she had just kicked her sister and was in trouble...
 The goal of the walk was to find sticks for our thankful tree...(Lo was in charge of this...he loves sticks!) :)
 We hoped to find some bright leaves and acorns, but the leaves were all gone and crusty brown...and the squirrels took the nuts.  Bummer :(  Next year I will collect in October.
 Someone found the best stick of all...a nice big one!  Maybe a little too big for our tree in our house, but he was proud :)
 Trying to find leaves...not as easy as it looks in late November after some snow :(
 Seriously, could she drag her head any more? :(
 Since we couldn't find any acorns, we made some...out of nilla wafers, kisses and caramel bites. Yumm!
 This tongue just can't help is meant to lick all treats!
 She made a bunch of great acorns!
 Cute and super yummy!
 My failsafe dinner when daddy works...choc. chips pancakes!
 Ash had the grand idea to make a turkey out of dinner...cute!
 I attempted some craftiness tonight...a chalk banner.  I actually bought most of it (the banner) from Target, but I had fun writing on it. 
 It was a nice lazy cleaning and the kids watching more movies....I could get used to nights like should be mandatory to have a week off school each month!  Good for the mind and soul!
So very thankful this girl in the corner will be home in 48 hours!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Loved your lazy fun day!! Love your creativeness!! We have so very much to be greatful and thankful for! Have a safe trip home Hailey and we will see you all soon! xo Mom :)