Thursday, November 19, 2015

My Sweet Gang (Minus one who isn't sending me pics!) :)

 A long week is almost done...good.  Here's a few pics of the fun of the day...a lunch with my girl and her crazy friends (specifically her best bud!) :)
 A nice nap (for Lo and I)...I had too much to do, but a nap sounded better. It was.
 My gang of heroes.
Fun with Turkeys...Gobble Gobble!
Ash with her Turkey treats for her going away party tomorrow (for her teacher's aid)
Yay...D is done with his project!  He did a great job.  I will show more tomorrow after his vocab parade.

One more day to get through and then a weekend of heavy cleaning and unpacking.  Oh so much to look forward to! :) :(  Hays, feel free to send us pics...I know we get you home in a week, but we still like to see your face more often than we do!

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