Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Not-so-productive Day

 Well, I wasn't going to consume the morning with the library, but I decided that yesterday poor Loggy watched too much Scooby and didn't have enough mommy-time. So off to story hour we went. He was not at all interested in the story time...but he did have fun finding books!
 And he even peacefully shared at the train table. Progress?  He did try to hide his favorite Toby train under the table when he left :)
 His new fav. toy there...the money keeper!  I wish we still had our two cash registers...we got rid of them and all our money years ago. He loves this!
 Hayeeee!  We made you something and sent it to you today!  Keep checking your mailbox and make sure you wear this to the ballet!
 Christmas shopping already...bah humbug.  Lo was happy just to ride the free rides at the mall!
 Off roading and he hurt himself.  Poor kid.  FYI this was on daddy's watch :)
 We got pretty much nothing done today in the garage. It was so cold and we had a fix-it guy coming...we were just distracted with other things.  Kev did put on his winter gear and added a shelf to our wall.  What a guy!
 Someone helped with the rubber mallet :)

 Tonight was Shelb's fall strings concert for school.  Here's the two best violinists in the group...who just happen to be BFF's :)
 FYI...when you give mama faces like this you have to know she will chose this to put on the blog and not the pretty-normal-looking one :)  Typical Shelby!
 There was not enough seating in this gym and we had to stand. It worked ok bc Lo found a friend and they colored and played trains and cars.
 Can you spot our violinist?  Iphone pics are so classy! :)
 Quality seating :)
 lol...the kid just makes himself comfortable :)
 I caved and gave him a ring pop at the end...he kindly shared it with big bro :)
 We have no ice cream places by us to celebrate so we improvised...a trip to Marsh to pick out our fav. ice cream. 
 Ice cream sundaes and cones at home!  They were happy campers!
Hays smelled the goods and came running :) 

So proud of our Shelb! 

Hopefully tomorrow is a more productive day...

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Nancy Gritter said...

Mmmmm my fav ice cream!! I should be there for violin and ice cream! Way to go Shelby girl! The garage is lookin pretty good... Those high shelves are awesome!! Way to go Kev! :) Nina xo