Sunday, November 22, 2015

One day the unpacking will be done, right?

 Well, the day started out like many others....crazy Shelb up to her antics...(they say she might take after her crazy mama...the mama denies this and blames it on the crazy dad!)
 She really, really just wanted us to write in her "Thank Tank" (what I'm Thankful For...notes)  Such a great idea that she made at her core group last week. was like 7 years ago that she got these twins. Her head was barely above this stroller then.  Now look at her...
 Still having fun with her babies one last time :)
 Someone else might like the Bitty Twins too!
 LOL....seriously...I have no idea why we still have this petticoat thing from under my wedding dress, but Lo loves to burrow in it like a nest.  It's hilarious!  It needs to go to Goodwill or it might never leave this house if Lo claims it!
 Bye Bye Bitty Baby twins and stroller and LOTS for clothes...they served Shelb well when she was little.  She loved them...but none of our other girls did and I'd rather keep real AG dolls than these. Sorry, Sara and Clara!
 Shelb helped me organize our party bin.  We love parties so we have to have a bin for all our stuff!
The productivity of Ash amazes me. All she had to do was sort the toys in the sunroom...took her all day!  And I think she mostly talked us into do it along the way.  It will be interesting to see what job she does some day and what rich guy she marries who can hire her a maid! :) 
 Her new exercise to build strength for getting a full-size violin. Go, those muscles!
 I put the man of the house to trim work and baseboards.They are nasty and dusty and my back is not good with this kind of thing.  Only half done though...It is a big job!  I washed all my kitchen cabinets and sorted all but our junk drawer. You would think it would all still be spic-n-span 6 months after moving...but, boy, can a place get dirty and cluttered fast!
 She found her old Frozen tent that we were selling...might be a keeper now.  Sigh.
 1st movie night with the fireplace on. I accidentally turned it on when I was cleaning the mantle :)  I love our fireplace. 
 Sooo funny...boys will be boys. D had a sleepover at his friend's last night with all his best friends.  It was wrestle-mania when I went over there this morning to pick him up.  They played 3 hours of laser tag and went to bed at 2am.  Crazy boys!
Awww, a pic of my long-lost-NYC-gal tonight!  She met up with her Bloomy bud for dinner (her bro lives in NYC) at our fav. NYC fast food place...Shake Shack!  Yumm!  They even got complimentary Shake Shack Christmas ornaments! The gift that keeps on giving!

So....we are officially done with everything we wanted to get out of the house a week or two again.  But still a week or two behind on everything else.  Hopefully Hays won't mind a semi-dirty house!  3 more days and she will be home!

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Nancy Gritter said...

MY GOODNESS!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BUSY!!!!!!! I LOVE your Thankful Tree and love the turkeys everyone made!!! AND of course I LOVE that fried ice cream dessert!!!! Havnt had it in years!! Looks like a busy Holiday Week for everyone! Enjoy Hays being home!!! See ya soon! Love Ya, Mom