Saturday, November 14, 2015


 Well, I will let the title speak for this post today.  I was stressed just looking at the stuff sitting in our garage today...and that was before we opened any of the boxes. Let's just say "poor Kev"..he has to deal with my stressful outbursts.  Good thing he was created very, very patient :)  I know God created him this way just to put up with me :) haha :)'s a few pics of the day...not all of them bc I want to watch a movie not type tonight.  Here's D...after his soccer game (that they won)...and before he went out to the new Snoopy 3D movie with his bud.  He also found some new legos in our boxes of stuff so he was a happy kid.
 Awww, love this pic of "Samantha" Hays.  She looks so angelic. It was her first AG fashion show...not even sure of the year. She looks like she could be Clara here.  And now she is off in NYC on her own.  Today she had her cultural experience outing.  Not the most exciting thing, but maybe she learned more about her new home. I will post those pics tomorrow. She is out at a movie now with friends.
 Some of the unpacking fun...Loggy with some of daddy's old matchbox cars...Shelb with some of Hays' old shoes :)..and daddy working hard in the garage.
 Oops! Stuck in the fear, lil' bro is here to help!
My favorite old pic of Shelby...from a first day of preschool.  Love it so her so much!
 Now look at her...hahaha...the queen of funny faces for sure!  She especially loved going through shoes...I am proud of us...we had the biggest box of shoes yesterday, but this is what we have left.  That's one good thing about moldy have to throw them out!
 Watch out for the man on wheels...sporting the ol' Dora skates!  He loved them! But we took one good spin down the block, got a video and now they are at Goodwill.  The kid loved them a little too much and had no fear...the only thing I was thinking was "broken arm". 
 Ash was gone a good protion of the day at a friend's almost sleepover pj' kitty party.  Fun!  She got out of doing most of the work...typical Ash-style :)

Sooo...another day of stress....I am not sure how many more days of this I have in me.  I feel like I give up a piece of myself every day as we drive more stuff to Goodwill or the garbage (today it was 5 bags of trash and 8 bags to is somewhat freeing, but still hard).  Why do we put so much weight and emotion into our stuff.  I hate the memory that comes with stuff.  Hopefully when this is all done I will feel freer.


Melissa said...

Keep at it! You will feel so good and proud of yourself when you're done! We just went through our clothes last week and my drawers look so nice.

Nancy Gritter said...

I'm with you Melissa! It will feel wonderful when you have purged the house and storage units of all the excess stuff! :) Keep up the good work! Dont give up! Just figure it took you almost 20 years to accumulate it all and it stands to reason it would take time to purge and especially after a move from a long time 1st home!! You both have done an awesome job over the last year, making it all work with 5 kiddos and one moving away!! HUGE things happening in your lives this past year and you have handled it so well! You are still married and sane!!! woohoo!!! hahaha :) Love you both so much and am extremely proud of YOU!!!!! xoxo Mom