Tuesday, November 24, 2015

T-day prep crunch time!

 Well, I have done it to myself again...put too many to-do things on my holiday prep list. And we are in crunch time.  In 24 hours our girl will be landing in Indy.  And I am not sure I will have everything on my list done....but oh well. I am trying to go with it.  We started off the morning with some fun boat bfast treats.  Can you tell what they are?  Ok, kinda rinky dink...but I ran across this idea when I was googling turkey treats and I love it.  I am tired of making Turkey related things...and I love the idea of some mini-Mayflowers.  They looked more like sailboats, but he didn't care!  He loves boats...and he loves treats for breakfast!
 Gobbling those boats right up!  Yumm!
 He even shared...not that he had a choice...the sibs pretty much snatched up these things one at a time.
 Not a fun time shopping...my least fav. thing to do around holidays.  Sams and Kroger were madhouses.  I was grumpy...someone else was even grumpier :(  The face says it all.
 This is where he wanted to be...sitting next to his bro watching a movie on the ipad.  I seriously think it should be mandatory to have a few days a month like this to chill.
 I was not going to attempt one more crafty thing, but I looked at our bare living room wall and I thought this might be the only year it's bare and also in need of some paint repair. So I went for it.  I got a dollar roll of brown paper and Ash and I dug in.  Actually...she did most of it. She is awesome at making trees...she had some drawn out for me on a paper before I even had to beg!  She's awesome! I am grateful for her help...I am artfully-challenged especially with trees.
 I think it turned out pretty good for a first time wall-thankful-tree.  Super easy too, which surprised me.
 Ok...what Shelb really thought here is, "Mom is crazy!"...I came into the kitchen, yelling..."It's time for FUN with a capital FUN!"  She was not really amused.  But I must say...she was a dishes queen. She worked hard and I appreciated it!
 Here was our first FUN of the day...making apple turkeys. We do this often enough near T-day...but we missed Hailey helping us!
 Lo went a little 'mellow crazy...and I think he ate more than he put on his gobbler!
 The finished products!  Bluebird even made one...bluebirds love turkeys...birds need to stick together :)
 lol...they are odd looking gobblers, but cute in their own way :)
 Then we made leaves for our Thankful tree.  Lo just wanted to watch the leaves fall...he's cute sometimes :)
 Getting a little loony making leaves and writing on them. Someone called "anonymous" likes to write a lot.  I think it's the ghost of Syd.  She has been hanging around lately and leaving her fir...maybe she is writing on our tree now too :)

Hailey was proud of her bird....she's looking a little wrinkly...might need a new face soon...

 Ash was proud of her tree...she did good!
 Time to deliver cub scout popcorn....never a dull moment
 Yumm...our stash!  Can't wait to dig into those white choc. pretzels!
 The girls making Daddy's very belated bday/t-day snickers ice cream pie....can't wait for our STY post-Turkey-day/double-double bday brunch!
 I'm going a little banner crazy. I think I like this kind of crafting better than cake-making.  Cheaper and easier and quicker.  I had fun using real leaves and fake leaves.
 The finished snickers pie!  Yumm!  Yes, she's crazy!
 The silly Shelb making wax paper leaf placemats. I think she's wishing Hays was here...she made these last year. And apparently I didn't make them right...daddy said so.
 Making our Mexican Thanksgiving dessert...a fried ice cream of sorts.  Daddy helped. He's a keeper.
Yummy!  This is one of my fav. deserts and I rarely make it. 

24 hours from now our girl should be back in Indiana...yay for our family being complete again! :)

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