Thursday, November 12, 2015

Tired of days of unpacking...

 Well, if I don't unpack another box after this is all said and done, I will be a-ok with that!  I have grown to loathe brown boxes, especially ones filled with our crap!  But I digress.  I am trying to distract myself from that with pics of the kids that make me smile.  Here they are...
You know a new, awesome movie is coming out when they start making food to go with it!  The countdown to the new Dec. SW is on!  Go GoGurt light sabers!
 It was one crazy windy day and Lo had fun watching the garbage men chase our garbage and recycling down the block!  This is one of his fav. places to chill and watch things...out the front bay window :)
We pretty much had one whole side of the garage open..."had" is the key word :)  But, whoa is that a lot of boxes to still go through on the shelves. Mostly paperwork and stuff for our walls....
 We have way tooooo much wrapping stuff. I pride myself on never buying wrapping stuff...we just reuse bags and tissue...but this has gotten out of hand.  On the bonus side note, I have inherited some nice, new clothes that Hays was getting rid of. I love my new SAB hoodie and am wearing an American Eagle tshirt under it.  I like shopping at Hays-Mart...nice, quality stuff and FREE! :)
 Have I mentioned the boy chews on everything...especially when he watches tv :)
 Bare, sad looking trees out color, no leaves.  But the birds seem to love it and Lo loves the birds...he likes to scare them and 100's of them fly away in a flock.  Crazy blackbirds!
 The Lolli-Fairy (Sue Sue) stopped by today to give the Lollipop King a refill of Sugar Free Lollis!  Thank you, Sue Sue!  He ate his lunch and got to have one...finally!  Boy, he looks so angelic doesn't he.  He is foolin' us all!
Don't ask...I got a little loony going through all our party stuff. Again, I keep too much of it trying to save money, but then I have too much to even find stuff when I need it.  I got rid of most it. Most mamas of girls have pink or purple tulle...I have green (thanks to St. Pat's Day baby Hailey :)
Off to the storage unit. We didn't get the trailer from Kev's work buddy today (will borrow it tomorrow), but we did take two loads of stuff in our vehicles...
 Someone is looking spiffy in his fedora!  I think he looks like a NYC gangsta!
 Can you tell I was in charge of VBX crafts when we did stepping stones.  Yikes...we had like a dozen of the same size.  I whittled it down to 5...but wasn't sure if the one I kept for Hailey was hers.  She needs to claim it or make me a new one! :)
 Surprise of the day for me was finding baseball cards.  I always thought Kev hated baseball, but apparently he liked it back in the 90's.  I started to text my dad about these (bc he is the king of baseball cards), but Nina called and I forgot after!  I think we are going to have Dylan go through them and look them up for value.  That will keep him busy for awhile!  Some are still in packages unopened.
 Filling our garage with more junk!  I actually was proud of us bc in that hour after, we got rid of 3/4 of the stuff we brought in from storage...4-6 more boxes of stuff to Goodwill...that place is gonna know us by name!
 Lo was in heaven...we found the Mystery Machine and gang...minus Scooby who got sent to a garbage dump accidentally last year when we moved. I am not sure Shelby has forgiven daddy for that yet :( 
 I thought he would be super excited by the blankie we found in a box with his name on it, but he turned his back on Jake and picked his nose instead!
 What in the world? This is what was in this taped up box?  You can tell how haphazardly we packed at those last minutes in January...random shoes with no matches and pretty much all garbage!  At least it was one easy box to unpack :)
 Poor Shelb has had a rough night...violin, core group and a high homework night...but she is doing it and not complaining (too much) bc apparently she is getting donuts in strings class in the morning...she is learning some very tough songs in violin.  This is the one she will be playing in December for her solo (I think it's Gavotte in D major?)
 Best part of unpacking...finding old photos...our college spring break trip March 1996...I had barely met Kev at this point and had no interest in him (sorry, Babe...I changed my tune 6 months later))  Me and my old roommate and other friend had fun in NYC though!  It was my first visit here.  Who knew 19 years alter I would have a daughter who lives and dances here.  Wow, the city scape looks so different now minus the twin towers.
 Kev totally does not remember this part of our spring break trip March 1997.  Camping in Key West!  We had no idea here that we would be planning our wedding a year later.  Crazy.  And now we hope to revisit the Keys with our family this summer.  I haven't even told Hays yet...but I sure hope it happens.  It would be so fun to enjoy the Keys with the Gritz family in August! (yay, for school starting much later this year...Aug 10...we just found out!) :)  This will allow Hays to go on vacation with us!
A sad night...Lo got in trouble for dumping milk in the Mystery Machine and he could not play with it (per daddy's punishment)...he was one sad boy :(
But it didn't take him long to zonk out next to mama holding my hand...probably dreaming of playing with his Mystery Machine :) tired...another day of unpacking tomorrow...

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Nancy Gritter said...

LOVE Kevin in the HAT!!! And the look on Logees face as he hugs his SuSu suckers!! He hearts them for sure! :) You are doing so great with the unloading of stuff!! I am so totally impressed!! Keep up the good work!! I also LOVED the old pic of when you and the gang came down to Florida on spring break( from Calvin!) OMG you guys look so so young...well, you were!! haha...Boy do I ever recall that Scooby Doo was Shelbys fav thing in life for awhile!! isnt it fun finding all the old stuff??! Haha Enjoy more of the same tomorrow! Love, Mom