Monday, November 16, 2015

YAY for Ash...and other things...

 Well, Monday is often my catch-up day. I do cleaning and errands.  Today I think we made more of a mess than normal and got pretty much nothing accomplished. I tried to catch up on email (didn't succeed). I tried to clean (Loggy didn't allow) see pic above of him finding all our play-doh stuff and getting it out (thankfully I had dumped all the actual dough)..and pretty much we/he just loafed off and watched Ducktales.  And I made a running log in my head of all the things I need to do in the next couple weeks. Ugh.
 Could he look any more angelic...almost like he is praying...tuckered out from his morning of making a mess :)
 Seriously...this boy cracks himself up.  Here he is showing off for this girl in his class that also does gymnastics on Mondays.  Too funny :)  He is a goofball!
 And here is our other boy flirting with his "Nydne"...he loves Shelby's best friend, Sydne, and he usually shows her this by licking her or being goofy. And you can see D in the background watching his "girlfriend" doing her gym routine.
 Someone is sick :(  Poor kid.  Half of us are fighting an illness. Ick...germs :(
 Ash showing the girls in her class this part of the routine.  She loves to be a leader!
 Loggy being goofy for Hailey...we try to send her a pic of him often bc he misses her and I think she misses him a little too :)
 It's not every gymnast that can take time to chat during her balance beam routine.  That takes talent!
 An unexpected surprise! Ash passed Bronze and is moving on to Silver...we never knew they were even watching her.  But, YAY!  She was soooo excited! 
 Look what Lo found....airplanes!  He was one happy kid. He has only had one out lately and he loves it and hides and it wants it near him all the time. Now he has a bunch...thanks Dylan for helping find them!
 He lined them all up to show Pops in FL!  He was very proud!
 It was yellow day to remind the kids to stand up to bullying...we definitely support this as Shelby was bullied in 2nd grade...and bullies stink!
Someone has a small problem...he has forgotten his agenda and folder at school at least once a week since school started...this is the second time we made him write his teacher a note.  Hopefully his solution works!
 I found a couple pics of Hays on FB from a couple weeks ago. I am pretty much a FB drop out, but once a month I get on there and check things.  Can you see our Mickey cute :)  And I love that the teachers even dressed up!
Some of her group...of course, she nabbed a spot where we can barely see her...good thing she has ears on!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Way to go Ashley!!!! So proud of your accomplishment!Love Dylans letter, well thought out dont ya think? :) xo Nina