Saturday, December 5, 2015

A full Saturday

 This mama is tired.  A busy Saturday did me in.  I wanted to be in bed hours ago. Never happens.  But here's a little run-down of the day.  Up way too early.  We had a Daisy Girl Scout Candy Cane Hunt with Campus (IU) Girl Scouts.  We did this last year and Ash wasn't thrilled about going again...but she amused me bc I had to go as a troop leader.
 Not all our girls were able to be there, but all her friends were able to, so that made it fun. 
 I was so bummed to miss D's game.  I heard he did awesome...hustled a lot and made a goal!  Darn, I hate missing stuff like that!  But at least Nina saw it!  So proud of you, Dyl!
 Then Ash and I raced off to our friend's house for a girl's day of lunch and decorating Gingerbread houses.  I only stayed for a bit, but long enough to hang with these great mamas.  It was hilarious having all our girls take pics of us on our phones. 
 What a bunch of hams!  So grateful for good friends...and for mama-friends who like to have fun parties like this!
I was bummed I missed the decorating fun...but super glad I could go out with my mama...
 Best part of the day was watching the Nutcracker again...this time at the movies...and this time the BEST Nutcracker of all...New York City Ballet!  It was awesome and I cannot wait to see it in person! What a treat.  This was only showing today and next Thursday at our theaters.  Bad timing considering it's was Nutcracker weekend here and right during our matinee showing at IU.  Meaning there were only about 10 people at the movie.  Oh well. We were happy to see it!  Amazing choreography, superb dancing and love the fast pace of Balanchine! 
 Someone went out shopping with Nina and got herself some awesome boots and a cool scarf and boot socks.  She was one happy Shelb!
 Someone else went on their outing with Nina too...and got undies and socks! haha :)  He needed them for sure...but he was pretty excited about them. He also got some Pokemon and Garfield.  Nothing better than that!
 Teehee.  Only a manly man could pull off a bow in his hair and red balls :)  He just happened to be standing in the wrong spot when I took this pic.  Cute, Kev!
            My attempt at a fancy tree.  I am so not a decorator.  But I do like my $19.99--8 ft Marsh tree!
                                                  Decorating our tree...not at all posed....hee hee :)
I really stink at Christmas decorating. It has taken me a week to do what we've done and we still have 75 percent to do....ugh.  We'll see what progress we make this next week...but tomorrow is a super busy Nina-Mom-daughter-granddaughter outing--another Nutcracker!  Night Night!

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Nancy Gritter said...

It was a SUPER Day Kelly!!! I know it seems like things will NEVER get done but its looking very Christmasy in the Stegemoller household!! Loved spending time with all my kiddos today and seeing Dylan play soccer and shopping with both Shelby and Dylan!! The Nutcracker was THE BEST!!!!!! I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous you get to see NYC Nutcracker in person in a month!!! SO AWESOME!!! Your tree is beautiful! As I sit here in the dark enjoying it, I am thinking how very blessed we all are with the LOVE of our families and the joy of watching our beautiful "grands" grow and change! xo Mom