Saturday, December 5, 2015

A mama-daughter night at Nutcracker :)

 Well, we made it through IU Nutcrapper w/o our Hays.  It wasn't easy (and not nearly as exciting)...but we did it.  Check that off the list.  Not that I was trying to. But I thought I would be emotional. Honestly I wasn't.  I feel very little about that Nutcracker anymore.  It served Hailey good for 7 years, but she is in a new season of life that is beyond what she used to know.  I am good with that.  I could say more, but I will not.  Let's just say that Hailey is where she needs to be right now.  I say this a lot.  But isn't this a nice pic of my amazing mama and I by our Nutcracker tree...and with my favorite Nutcracker. We did have a fun Mother-Daughter night...and we always love critiquing things!
 She might not have been in the show, but she was still in the playbill!  Nice, Hays!  Here's our pic with our fav. ballerina...IU Nutcrackers will never be the same w/o you!
 I always love this view...but goodness I miss the big Christmas tree. Who's bright idea was it to replace it with small ones and a fireplace?
 Best Nutcracker around...he might be more a draw than the show. J/K :)
Thumbs up for the ugliest colored Nutcracker shirt ever. But I still got one for my NY gal. She assured me she'd wear it to bed.  She might keep her roommate awake with the brightness of this color! hee hee :)

More pics to come later...but I have got to get to bed...a very busy Saturday tomorrow....

Thanks, Nina, for taking me to the show. I think I will only go from now on if you are with me :)

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Nancy Gritter said...

Awww, thanks Kel, it was a VERY interesting and enjoyable evening with my favorite daughter! :) We may have to make this a yearly tradition! EARLY Christmas celebration and critique of our fav MV Nutcracker! Love you! Your Loving and devoted Mama :) PS I like that our new tradition is to see THREE Nutcrakers in one weekend!