Monday, December 28, 2015

A much-needed lazy day...perfect for a SW marathon!

First off, a pic from last night...I feel badly that I wasn't more "with it" on my little boy's birthday. I did the best I could, but his 3rd bday will always be a blurr to me.  He did like his cake though, especially the cannon candles! ha!
 And this is how our day began today...a 3 year old snoozin' in our bed. He has not done this in a very long time, but I have noticed over the course of the last year that when his mama is not doing well, he feels my pain and he gets anxious and wants to be near me. So he snuggled up between us and slept longer than he ever has...til after 10am!
 A much-needed lazy day for us.  I slept for most of the morning on the couch next to the gang...while they watched Star Wars. It was daddy's hope to have a SW marathon, but most of the kids seemed unenthused.  A free day allowed for this and they ended up watching it (minus Hailey...she was anti-social today :))
 A free day also allowed for time to play with Christmas and bday gifts...this cool one is from Uncle Brian and Aunt Anne. Never seen this toy before...very cool...flexible race track with light-up cars.
 Trying out the drone...I just love that they are doing it our new house...seems safe, right?
"I love the cards!!!".  This was Lo's thank you to Auntie Mary and Great-Grandma in you think they heard his thank you!? haha :)

 While being sick was the pits, all the snuggle time with my buddy is the best. He felt so bad for me so many times and he would just hug me and get as close to me as he could.  Love this sweet boy!
 He's a little crazy too :)
 He pretended not to be interested in "the force"...but I saw him sneaking a couple peeks :)
 Shelb got an itch to make chex mix, but apparently our microwave is not meant for this...she set it on fire :(  Oh well.  It was a good thought and she got a few bites of unburnt pieces.
 He loves his new bday boat from Nina and Pops in FL!
 Daddy likes all the boats too!
 We didn't finish all the SW movies, but we made a good dent in them!  1.5 to go...and then the new one on Wednesday!  I regret to admit that I know way more SW than I should :)
 At one point he ran around with his bday balloons...over and over and over...
 He was excited to see mama making a mini-boat for his bday celebration with Sue Sue tomorrow!  He mostly just wanted to sneak fondant! He helped a little...
So thankful for a down day...a day to rest and recup. Kev has the week off (mostly)...which was a blessing.  And I am feeling much better!

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