Friday, December 25, 2015

A very merry Christmas!

 Well, this was definitely one of the top rated Christmas's.  We needed a down day...and we got it.  I am not sure it was as "down" as we would like. There are just not enough hours in the day even if you hardly do anything.  I think we need to take more days like this.  It is good for the soul and mind.  I still felt we spent about half of our day cooking, doing dishes or putting together toys (Santa was slacking giving us so many things that needed assembly!).  But it was lovely to not even get out of pj's all day...I never even brushed my teeth, hair or put on deodorant.  Should I be proud of that?  But, really, it was a lovely day. We didn't get as much relaxing in as we time for a movie and it's now 2am the day after Christmas (so little sleep), but it was nice to just be at home with just us. I know they days are so fleeting so I cherish days like this.  I will post more, but I have got to get some sleep. These next few says are busy...and hopefully after that we enjoy a calm before heading to NYC.  Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas!  Here's a few pics of our day....and of the kiddos fav. gifts....and a few selfies (I got a selfie stick...two, actually!) :)  And we had lots of good food...some food flops, but mostly B+ food!
 1st Christmas in our new home...and outside was like 60 degrees out...I am not sure I have ever gone outside on Christmas in Indiana with no shoes or a coat.  Though honestly it felt like FL...just no sun and pool...bah!
 Scootering in December...weird.  Lo loved his new one from Brooke and Austin!
 Our bfast...which was more like 1pm.  A flop mostly...stuffed French Toast sounds better than it is...and we burned the maple bacon.
 Fav. part of the day...waiting to see what Santa brought...
 Love...look at their excited to run down the stairs!
 the surprise that got blown...NYCB tix to see the Nutcracker...and a scary light up Nutcracker ornament!
 Lo was in a fowl mood...this is how he posed most of the day...not anywhere near us...I knew way (he had 2 Christmas poops tonight)
                                           The aftermath...

 The easel she has wanted forever!  Mommy and her even put it together...that was a gift in itself :)
 Santa brought him Jake's lego ship!  His fav!
 A's what she wanted the undies! lol :)
 Sideways so hard to tell...but its a drone...D loved it...I think Daddy loved it more...
 An early bday present...a double fondue pot!  LOVE!  You can guess what dessert was tonight :)

 I've always wanted this...a fireplace.  First time having it in 17 years of marriage.  It's the simple things for me. 

Family, good food, a day in pj's...a good Christmas...a very merry Christmas!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Merry Christmas Stegemollers! Looks like an GREAT one! :) xo Nina and Pops!