Friday, December 11, 2015

Bah Humbug Blues

Well, I have never made it a secret that I am not the biggest fan of Christmas.

I love the idea of Christmas...and I love the meaning behind it. But I find that all the fluff and stuff surrounding it just gets in the way of enjoying it for me. 

This year seems worse.  I think I still feel somewhat unsettled here...and I really, really want to make this holiday special...but it just seems like I am putting too much pressure on myself to make it be perfect...and in the process I am taking the joy out of it.  Grrrr.  I hate that I hate Christmas and I want this to change.  I hate the expectations behind it.  Because honestly who really cares about all that fluff-stuff.  I want to be ok getting everyone on my list a gift card...I want to be ok not really having all my decorations a week I just want to enjoy my oldest being home...I just want to relax for those two weeks of break....maybe not even get out of pjs for half of it.  I think I should be able to do all this.  No more shopping, no more lists, no more decorations, no more pressure on myself...just focus on family.  I wish it were a simple fix.

I tried to start relaxing tonight...with a date night with my hubby...3 hours of just us....unfortunately most of it was spent shopping, which I loathe....but on the bright side I got to spend it with someone who loves to hear me complain :) hee, hee.  Thank goodness for my Kev.  He keeps me grounded...or close to the ground :)
 Romance over burritos....yumm :)
A hot date at Target...whoa baby :)

I love my hubbs...he puts up with a lot...thank goodness he does :)

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