Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Bye, Bye Nina and Ash the Aerialogist!

Well, that sad day has arrived.  Nina left us and flew home.  We have gotten spoiled with her around (she helps with everything!) and the kids have just loved every second that she spent with them. It was just an awesome visit.  These times remind me how nice it would be if she lived right down the road...but alas, she is a few too many roads away :(  We miss her already.  But she got up early to see the kids off to school...first Shelb who was off to strings early...
Then a little play time with Loggy...counting airplanes. I think she was trying to get him to count to a number other than 9.  Not gonna happen. He loves 9 too much!
More hugs...she is the queen of hugs :)
Bye bye to the other to school....sad to see Nina go :(
By the time I got back from school drop-off, Nina had make French Toast...Lo was surprisingly gobbling it up and being a goofball :)
An attempt at getting a nice pic with Nina...all he wanted to do was hold this stick thing in his face.
My fav. it.  :) :) :)  Happy Nina, Happy Loggy :)
One last kiss before getting on the airport shuttle. 
The goofy guy and I tried to get some Christmas bargains. I fear if I wait til the 26th there will be nothing left.  I got a couple things to make an attempt at doing my mantle.
Wowsers, that's a lot of Nutrackers!  But the poor things are going in a box.  I just have no room for them in this house.  I need a built-in wall unit by next year so I can set them out.  I am sad they cannot be displayed. I have some really cool ones.  And cool music boxes too, but there is truly no place to set them in this house.  It lacks any shelving.  Sigh. 
They do fill my mantle...but not the look I am trying for....gosh, how I wish I had done the mantle with Nina here....I am so not a decorator!
The big news of the day is that Ash became an Aerialogist today!  She joined the "flight club" (just for the day) and took a beginner aerial silks class (while Dylan played indoor soccer behind her :)).  She was soooo excited....she has been waiting to do this forever.  And we were so excited that our friend, Neva, could do it too.  Doing it with a friend was a bonus!
First they stretched.  Honestly, she has a great split for just starting gymnastics and not having much dance experience.  I'm impressed. I never had flexibility.
Love.  She was just about to start and it was her first time touching the cool silk scarves! (and, yes, she is wearing Hailey's old ballet leo :))
First instruction on how to wrap the silks around your arms and make knots out of them.  Very cool.
There was lots of blood rushing to the head.  She never complained. 
Some kind of pose?
No idea what pose this is, but it looked hard to hold!
Like, I said...about half the time was spent on their head.  Boy, do they use lots of core strength to do this.  Probably great exercise.
Love this...
...she looks like a butterfly in the sky! :)
Learning to wrap the silks around her foot.
Not sure what was going on here, but they are doing the silks together.  They also spun around, which was impossible to get on the iphone, but they had fun!
hee hee....the girl must be ok with blood rushing to her head!
Love this...their teacher looks like she's flying.  If Ash does more classes, she will learn to do things higher up. 
It is pretty neat how they get these silks wrapped around their legs....they do it upsidedown and then flip around like this.  And below is three of the professionals (one was her teacher)....isn't this awesome?
I think we might have a girl who is hooked on aerial silks!  Good thing gymnastics kinda goes along with it. What a fun night...just wish Nina could have seen it.  I tried to get her into a class last week, but boy was registration confusing!  She might do it again next week though :)

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Nancy Gritter said...

Ashley, you look fabulous doing those silks!!! That is where that dance ability comes in handy for the posing you have nice form!! Wish I could have seen it in person!! Keep it up, it looks like lots of fun and something you would definately be good at!! Love you and miss you!! Nina PS, I LOVE that pic of me and Logee laughing!! I have it on the front of my computer screen! :) Miss you guys! ):