Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Free at last!

 Well, first order of the day....we are officially free of any and all storage units!  Only a day late, but I'll take it.  This is the first time since we lived in MI 14 years ago that we have had all our stuff under one roof and in our own home.  Thanks, Pops, for helping...
 Pops worked hard again on his daughter-do list :)  Love ya', Pops!
 Cutest thing ever. Seriously...for all the rascally things he does, he can be VERY cute.  Totally his idea to stake camp inside this tube of the play tent...just him and his boats and cars...
 Too cute, I had to post two pics.  Such a funny kid and so good at amusing himself :)
 hahaha...they were looking at bday gift ideas online for Lo...he liked a lot of stuff...I think Nina was laughing at the big boats he wanted. :)
 Time to decorate the Nutcracker tree!  Lo LOVED the musical ornaments...you know it's a good ornament when the tongue is hanging out!
 He especially loved finding a "Mimi" ballerina...she just twirled and twirled on his finger :)
 He almost looks like a mischievous brother who might break a Nutcracker...Fritz?
 He was very helpful :)
 He loved unwrapping the ornaments and showing Nina...she acted very enthusiastic with each one.  What a good Nina!
 Blurry, but it's bc he was dancing over and over to the ballerina musical ornament he broke.  He's a goofball!
 He is just itching to get this train set up.  We said it would happen today, but then I changed my mind...so he waits....
 I found a new living room tree...at Marsh of all places...only $19.99 for an 8 footer...and I got free milk with it...a win, win!
 The kids admiring the Nutcrapper tree after school :)
 Pops helping me inspect the tree. It's a nice one for a cheap price...but it needs a little trimming on the bottom.  Hopefully I can get it up tomorrow if I find a cheap stand.
 The candle bandit...he looks so innocent...but every time I light a candle, he moves his kid chair over and blows it out...
This battle was not worth fighting. He won.  The boy loves candles.  Good thing his bday is coming up!
 The old real tree moved to the sunroom....boy, we have a lot of trees to decorate.  It would almost seem like I love Christmas. Hmmm. I hate to give off that impression :)
 Pops helped us elevate the Nutcracker tree...I love it. And it looks good outside now too :)
 Nina watched our violinist tonight :)
 She's just about ready to play her solo (Gavotte) in a couple weeks....but she felt a little sick tonight...
 A blurry view of our front...notice I still have Thanksgiving stuff up too...tis life.
My boy...I usually miss taking pics of him bc daddy is with him...but he had a busy night of Cub Scouts and Upwards bball evaluations.  Go, D!  And below is this cool book (almost like a comic) that Lo picked out at the library.  It's all about ballet and happens to be about SAB and Mr. B.  I plan to check it out again when Hays is home for winter break....

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