Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy NYE--STY-style!

 Well, it is officially 2016 as I write this! Whohoo! And this mama is wiped.  I guess I may as well start out the new year like I ended the old one! :)  But I am not staying up any later than this bc we are heading out to NYC in just a few hours. Kinda fun to think that tomorrow we will actually be where that ball dropped...we actually stay right there....we can sometimes see it from our room!  One of these days we will bite the bullet and go fight the crowd and be there now, but not today.  This day was spent packing and recovering from illness...and most importantly hanging with our bestie fam  for our first STY-New Year's Eve celebration in our new home. We had to do it early and kicked them out by 8:30pm, so we could finish packing....but they were good sports.:)  We had a grand ol' time as always!  Here's some pics of the commentary as I need my beauty sleep before I turn 39 in a day :)  YAY for heading to NYC tomorrow!  We will miss our girl when we drop her off, but we hope to have a fun day in the city on my bday and one last hurrah before we drop her off. We have had a great break with her home...never enough time, but it was a good mix of down time and busy times (though we could have done w/o the sick times!) Now it's time for her to go "home".  Happy 2016!  I don't know about you, but 2015 was a nutso year...I hope 2016 is absolutely boring!  I could go for boring right about now!


(love this guy xoxoxo :))

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Nancy Gritter said...

Happy New Year!!!!! Have fun in NYC! Xo Nina and Pops!