Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Eve!

 Just a few pics before we hit the sack....of some of the fun of our day....these didn't download in order, so here is a lovely pic from tonight...of the kids having a little fun...we moved our sunroom rug into the living room for Christmas (easier to open gifts on something soft than the hardwood floor!)...anyway...they made themselves comfortable.  Lo was sitting on their heads trying to do this move, but I missed that shot :)
 My fav. pic of the boys from the sweet :)  D tried to put his arm around Lo for the pic, but Loggy said he wanted to hold his hand :)awww...
 My girls...they all are looking so old now :)
My fav. pic...of our church service tonight...we have never had a candlelight service here, but it is a favorite of my past from my old church (FLCRC).  I am so glad they did this was so pretty from up in the balcony.
 Our yummy meal...first time making good chicken pot pies...yumm!  The rolls from Nina and Pops in FL were a hit too!  Plus we had snickers apple salad...and sparking grape juice (thanks to our Besties for this gift they dropped at our house yesterday!)...and Ash made candy cane place holders. Fun!  We were so stuffed we never even at our grasshopper pie or our apple crisp...more for tomorrow!
 Our first Christmas Eve meal in on our new home!
 A bunch of goofballs all ready for Santa to come. They left him enough cookies to feed him and the Mrs. and the reindeer!
  And below is our morning of baking...cookies, pie, snickers salad, cake...along with some crafting.  A too-busy day.  I hope our 1st Christmas in our new home is more relaxing...we are an hour into it and so far so good :) 

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