Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Nina's last day :(

 Well, the time has flown by...and we are down to our last few hours with Nina.  We made the best of of our last day with her though.  Here's a few pics of the day....
Ash was up first and as happy as can be over her gold dollar from the tooth fairy (that she lost at gymnastics last night).  YAY for tooth $$!
 Nina's old violin is getting some revamping....here's how it looked this morning...
 ...we'll see how it looks in a week once it's been redone.  We went to this cool violin repair shop in downtown Bloomy.  We were so happy to hear that Nina's violin (from Germany, btw) is a good one and could be repaired (even the crack in it). Shelb cannot wait to play Nina's violin!
 hahaha...sorry, no one probably wants to see poop pics, but I had to post this. It cracked Nina and I up.  He did not do it in the toilet himself...the potty training is a long road...but we did have a good chuckle over how much this poop weighs. It would not flush down the toilet! Someday he'll appreciate this pic, right?

 Fun in the 50 degree December sun! Love this surprise weather this time of year.  And love this smiley, goofy kid!
 Chillin' with Nina at the park...and enjoying a lemon drop!
 After tomorrow there will be no one to steal non-pariels from.  I think Lo has eaten half of them sneakily out of Nina's room...he has the sprinkles on his lips to prove it :)
 Awww, G&G's tree....not so pretty in the winter months...but still a wonderful memory of two wonderful people. 
 Nina and her gang...they are gonna miss her terribly! We get spoiled with her here!
She got us a fun family Christmas gift today--the star shower Christmas lights...aka "lazy lights". They were selling out quickly at Walmart!  We love them. They are super cool inside and outside the house.  Very cool lights for our very cool new home.  Thanks, Nina and Pops!
We sure are gonna miss you after tomorrow...and will miss seeing you this Christmas/New Year :(  Hopefully August will be here before we know it and we will be basking in FL on our big family vacation!

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