Thursday, December 17, 2015

One More Day!

Well, we've almost made it through the week. This week before winter break is always cray-cray! :)  And this year we just seem extra exhausted.  Lack of sleep does that.  But these last two days have been good for my soul. I went nowhere almost all day again today...Lo and I needed that.  I am still tired, but my stress-level is not as high just bc we laid low at home and didn't fight the crowds.  He even helped me today with my food prep.
 Tonight he made his own snowman guy...I think he did pretty good! He wanted to show his Hayeeee....
 Ash did great on her snowman pops...these were not the original idea, but we always have a back-up.  They were pretty easy.  Tomorrow is the big snowman party...yay!
 We did a little baking...very low-key snack mixes...all very yummy...and very simple.  The kids were pretty helpful!
I even got to spend a little time my hubs in the kitchen. Oh how romantic!
We got all our teacher gifts done...whohoo!  This is  always a big to-do.  Maybe this is not normal in most households...but we make cards and snacks and add them to our gifts.  One bonus this year is that our Kroger now stocks $10 gift cards. Bonus!  I didn't even have to go to Target or Starbucks...we got it all at the grocery store and got fuel points.  YAY!  What in the world did we do before gift cards?  I guess teachers got lots of mugs and apples :)
Tomorrow our fav. New Yorker flies home....yay, yay, yay!  The end of this craziness is in sight...extra yay, yay, yay for that!

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