Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Project Done...still too much to do....sigh

Well, I about lost it today...I probably did at one point as my 2 year old was screaming and there was a guy with some road rage flipping me off (a story for another day)...but I made it through the day. Best part of my day was being lazy in pjs for 30 mins with my boy.  He makes me smile.  My old lady glasses make me smile...good grief, I hope my regular glasses are ready soon!
Hello, train table...someone missed you! It's been 3 weeks since we've been here since we didn't go when Nina and Pops were here...he was so happy to claim Toby again and fight with kids at the table :)
He seriously has no interest in story time...not sure why I continue to take him.  He'd rather read his own book in my lap.  Maybe staying home is better.
He does like craft time...especially cutting tape! He made something special for Hayeee!
1st meltdown of the day...at Marsh (they had no donuts and he wanted one)...we had many more fits after this...mama was worn...
Thank you, Kroger...they had donuts!
After all the crying...it was nap time...totally passed out.
PJ day just for Ash today...she had earned a ticket for just herself to wear them today.  She loved it!
Hour number 2 of nap...the standing up kind :)
It was cub scout sock fight night...D made some non-so-protective shields to ward off the socks...haha :)  They look more like Mickey ears.
Ash getting ready for her class party on Friday...the theme is winter and snowman and I'm in charge....so we get to be crafty.  These are popcorn cups.  Super easy and she did them all herself!
Being "very productive" with our project due tomorrow morning...
A cricket distracted/scared us.
Dad helps with gluing, but Shelb did all the rest herself.
Finally it's done.  Never again can we wait til the last minute like this.  Must do this even with family in town next time. 
She really did an awesome job. It was sort of a boring project to have to put on a poster board. I think she made it as exciting as she could.  Way to go, Shelb!

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