Saturday, December 12, 2015

Sometimes people are heartless

Well, mean people never cease to amaze me.  In the middle of the night someone stole our new Laser Lite from our front lawn. What heartless person steals Christmas decorations?  Truly...that is the epitome of bah humbug.  What a disappointment.  The kids were pretty upset.  Shelby cried.  We really loved that Star made our home fun at night for a few days.  Really trying to find the good in this sort of thing, but thievery always gets to me, especially when it involves making my kids sad.  And this isn't something we can just rebuy.  I think we just lucked out when we got it at Walmart last week...they are sold out everywhere.  Sigh. 
So, as is Steg-style, we barreled on through and tried to make the best of a stinky situation.  We put up what outdoor Christmas lights we could.  It's not much. We don't have much landscaping to put lights on and don't have a ladder tall enough to put up the rest of our icicles.  But I guess this is better than nothing.  Sure wish we had those pretty green and red lights on our house along with this.  Bummer that people are just so cruel, especially around the holidays. 

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Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Oh how rude!!!!! I agree. Thieves REALLY anger me.