Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Star Wars and a New-Old Violin!

Well, another eventful day of winter break!  We woke up bright and early (at least for vacation!)...and off we went to the movies!  Not sure I have ever been to a 10am showing of any movie...much less one I am not sure I care enough to lose sleep over....but.....the kids wanted to see it...and I wanted to be a part of it.  So we all went...minus Loggy who stayed home with Nina Stegs and played hide-n-seek :)
 The theater was fairly empty when we got there, but I think it was about 3/4 full when it started.  People were cheering at certain parts in the movie. It was funny. Crazy SW nerds!  But we had fun. The movie was pretty good for a sci-fi-ish movie.  I figured out the "who dies" yesterday during our at-home-marathon. I like to spoil things for myself and I have gotten pretty good at guessing SW outcomes.  Should I be proud or ashamed of this? At any rate, we had a good time.  Oddly enough no one wanted popcorn (and we had free coupons!)...but they did feast on candy from Sue Sue!
 Afterwards we ran errands while Hailey shopped with Nina Stegs.  Our last stop was to pick up the coveted old-new violin from the repair shop.  Someone was pretty excited!
 Doesn't it look beautiful?!  I think so.  The violin repair guy did a great job....
 ...and he found this inside when he repaired the crack. Very cool to know a little bit of its history. We think it was repaired by an Otto Martin after a fire. I wish we could make out the name of the fire...and wish it had a year too. But we know it was a well made violin from Germany from the 19th or 20th century.  We were so thankful it could be repaired!
 Beauty! I feel like we should name her!?
 She is very out of tune and still needs a new case and bow, but Shelb can't play it til mid-January anyway so there is no rush.  We told her if she practices diligently between now and then, we will get the violin all set up with the right case and bow!  Thank you, Nina Gritz, for this beautiful gift...I love that is carries such history and memories!
 Our next job for the day was laundry...not everyone was very productive at this. 
 We got some surprises in the mail today!  Bday goodies for mama and Loggy!  Thank you, Melissa and fam!
 He was so excited about his bath goodies and pirate coloring sheet that he hugged them :)  It was a good-mood day for Loggy! :)
 The Star Wars fan with her shopping spree goodies (and an equally good shopper behind her who loves to photo bomb!)  Thank you, Nina and Poppy Stegs, for all the new clothes!  She will wear them with pride in chilly Manhattan!
 LOL....he loved practicing his "cheers" with Hailey...he is getting ready to ring in the New Year with a bubbly drink! :)
 He is gonna miss his Hayeeee! They are buds!  We leave in about 30 hours for NYC
We also decided on a rug for our living room....a gift from Kev's parents.  We thought about ordering one and picking out the sample and having it made...but in the end we decided to go back to Target and get the one we had in August.  Sometimes the first choice is the best and most practical.  But Loggy will miss these remnants. He thought they were soft enough to sit on. :)

One more day of our Hays home.  I know it will be a busy NYE as we pack and as she preps for auditions (taking pics with her ballet friends at the studios---she saw them all tonight for dinner).  This break has been great...and it was been a blessing having her home so much and having so much down time. 

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