Sunday, December 20, 2015

Steg Christmas :)... and Sad-not-to-see-Santa :(

 Well, it was a normal-busy holiday day for us. A morning at church and then racing home...and then racing off to attempt to see Santa.  Our attempt(s) failed.  Never seen a 2 hour line to see Santa...but that's what it was--twice.  Yikes.  Maybe we should never wait this late to see him in Dec. And we never will again.  Ugh.  We didn't have 2 hours to waste as we were off to Indy for a family get-together.  Bummer.  And they even had Mrs. Claus at our fav. fountain mall.  All we could do was get this close.  The line was wrapped around two corners.  Bummer.
We did a couple cute is one of them.  Loggy was on the verge of losing it...but we are taking that as a smile :)
2nd attempt at seeing the jolly old guy.  No can do.  Poor Ash.  No idea what this face was, but it's not happy :( Lo was pretty bummed.  He fell asleep shortly after. I hope we can see Santa later in the week. It does not pay to procrastinate sometimes.
 Then we headed to Indy for Steg Christmas. It's not usually at Nina and Poppy's, but they are truly the best host/hostesses.. always a great spread.
 Seriously...check out the dessert table.
 Love this tradition of stockings...grandma Stegs made most of them.
 I tried something new and got a panoramic.  Kinda fun.  It was right before we opened our stocking gifts and the kids opened their gifts.  We did miss the other 5 Stegs and Great-grandma who left on a cruise today from FL.  Poo on them!
Lol!  Crazy girls. They look unexcited by their stocking gifts, but really they were giving me a hard time. :)
 Had to get a cute kid this gang...they had fun tonight.
We even snagged a not-so-bad pic of us...and Bailey the dog is in the pic too :)  Bonus :)  And the best part of the day is just having our Hayeeee here...we heart her!  Plus she is a good chauffeur!

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