Tuesday, December 22, 2015

This mama is tired...very tired...but the Christmas "show" must go on...

 I am worn...beyond what I normally am this time of year.  Kev is the same, which makes us feel doubly worn.  I woke up right before 10am again today. Good grief.  What is wrong with me?  It still felt like 6am.  This is what I woke up to...Spidey Logan slinging a sticky hand on our fireplace. Nice.
 Our dishes haven't been done since Friday...good grief. This is when we miss Nina a lot...she is the best dishwasher ever! :)  The kids are still watching lots of Netflix.  I am ok with that.
 Lo and I had to drop off Hays at a friend-get-together...then we did a little shopping.  We were going to Hobby Lobby and noticed that Santa was going to be at our local hardware store.  So we went in.  Lo was very shy with the Jolly guy...so we had to go spy on Santa from behind the trees.  There he is!  He seems less daunting from behind!
 This sweet lady helped make Lo feel very comfortable...she game him some bubbles and some candy canes....
 ...and with mama by his side he went to talk to Santa and the Mrs.  He still looks like he might take a run for it :)
 They were the sweetest couple...they are from our local nursing home and were raising money for foster kids for Christmas.
 He actually smiled at one point...as long as I was sitting with him!
 A little blurry, but we'll take it!  We still are going to see Santa tomorrow at our small mall with the sibs.  I know they will be so excited to here that...haha :)
 Chowing on a candy cane...
 We also found this really cool pen fan...Lo loved it...and kept getting it stuck in my hair.  Nice.
 He tried to blow a little cool air Santa's way too....that was nice, since we know Santa likes to be cool being from the "Pole" and all!
 Then we spied on Hayeeee and her buds at the ice rink....can you spot them in front of those group of little kids....
 Such a fun group of long-time friends.  Those are the best kind of friends! They had fun eating brunch at the Runcible Spoon (where we went for Hailey's spring performance last May)...and racing around the rink.
 Lo found a frosty friend :)
 Looking angelic at Kroger...but don't let the face fool you...he is not an angelic shopper.  We are worn by shopping lately...very worn...and tomorrow is more of the same :(
 Came back to the house and found the kiddos watching more Christmas movies....this one was cute...Snow Bud?  About a dog and Santa?
 Shelb cleaned her room, but didn't do much else...Hays was doing something knitting related.  Lo was on the ipad again. Lazy days.
 I attempted a nicer dinner. It failed.  I also had too many dirty dishes to have any clean plates so we ate off of paper.  Nice.  I'll let Kev make the fajitas next time. He has much more care when making dinner than I do. I just don't care about food.
 Hey, at least D ate it...then you know it's not that bad.
 We left Hailey to deal with the sibs and dishes.  I could hear her from upstairs laying down the law.  We gotta utilize her leadership skills while we can!
 Sweet Lo...he was such a good boy today. Daddy and I had to organize the Christmas gifts in private...so he just played with his trains upstairs by himself.  He mad the track by himself and got it all working.
 He even talked to his trains...this helps make them work better!
 And another movie night...this time Home Alone 2, which was in NYC...very fitting!  The kids even made their own popcorn and got their own brownies out. Nice.  Kev and I worked on collecting our thoughts about Christmas...
I am tired of thinking about Christmas gifts, food menus, Christmas prep. I just want it all to be over with.  We need rest.  Sigh.  Bah Humbug!

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PJBK said...

Kel, It makes me sad to hear you don't like Christmas.
You do too much and put too much pressure on yourself to make things perfect, is my observation of the month of December.
Watch the Charlie Brown Christmas. And see what the real meaning of Christmas is. (I know you know what the real meaning is, but it's a good reminder.)
I know I only have one child and he's only 2 and maybe things will change when he's older. But this year we went to a lighting of a christmas tree, cut our tree, and did a breakfast Santa and saw Santa Cow at Chikfila. That's it. We made a gingerbread house from a kit. I didn't even put ornaments on our real tree. Christmas was simple and so nice.
I love how you go all out, but it's not necessary, in my opinion.
And the shopping...seriously...get an Amazon Prime account and shop on Amazon. I didn't even go to the mall this year for Christmas. Amazon is a beautiful thing. We get everything from Amazon.
Also, look into your local grocery stories and see if you can order your groceries online and pick them up curb side. Our store has that and the few times I've been it, it made life so much easier and they even load them in the car for you, no getting out. No trying to shop with a toddler. Seriously look into it. There may be a small fee...but so worth it for sake of your sanity. :)
Love you Kel, I just want to see you not be on the go-go-go so much. I know, easier said then done coming from a mom of just one. I have nothing to compare it too, other than growing up in a big family.
Hoping you can find some ways to simiplify your life in the new year.

And go watch A Charlie Brown Christmas.
Also...look into The Donkey in the Living Room. I think your kids would love it for next christmas in preparing everyone for Christmas and the true gift and meaning of the season.
Love you!
(sorry I sound too harsh...I just want you not to be burned out.)