Saturday, December 19, 2015

We are complete again!

 Yay...she's baaaaack! So happy.  There is just something about having your whole family under one room again. It brings peace to my heart. 
It's 1:30am so I will make this brief!  But here is our welcoming committee at the airport.  I don't think they all wanted to get out of the warm van and walk inside at 11pm, but since her plane was late, we did.  We meant to do this last time for Turkey Day, but she got in early and we missed our chance.  So we flipped over the posters and made them not well-planned. Last time we had them made days before and looking nice. This time we did them in the van (minus Ash who loves Hailey so much and pre-planned:))  They amused me for this pic...haha :)
 Our girl on the plane. She is getting to be a seasoned lone traveler!  That's our New Yorker!
Here she is back in the car service car...this time she didn't have to go by herself...her old roommate from a few summers back went with her...bonus that they could split the payment and Hays could have a friend to chat with for that hour long drive to LGA!
 The enthusiastic welcoming committee! :)  Well, eat least one little guy was excited...he had his second wind after sleeping from 4-7pm:)  Plus he does love his Hayeeee!
 Finally after waiting forever...she walked out! Ash ran to meet her...Lo screamed and brought lots of attention to us! :)  We didn't even need to be right by the gate...she could hear us from far away! hee hee :)
 He was so proud of the sign he made...he held it up and yelled really loud!
 He almost jumped in her arms...and then kissed her. He hearts his Hayeee!

First time checking worked ok! Ash is by her side...she really looks up to her biggest sis. 

So glad our long-lost-girl is back...and this time for 2 weeks...and hopefully restful ones!

 On a side note, we lost a little respect for Indiana policing tonight after being pulled over for a light out over our license plate.  Really??  Who pulls a family over at midnight for that??  I would hope there would be other crimes going on in Indy at that time of night to tend to.  Stumped.

But, thankfully our girl being home outshines this incident.  Yay for winter break!

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