Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sue Sue makes things special :)

It was a lovely Sunday.  And one of the loviest parts of the day was having Sue Sue over to celebrate D turning a decade.  Not only did she come over bearing gifts, but she brought mid-afternoon bday desserts (two of them!).  We were very spoiled...and her treats was delicious!  This chocolate eclair thing was amazing...and she even made a special non-choc. blondie cake thing  for Kev. He is extra spoiled by Susie. It was a fun afternoon and we feel very blessed to have family in town now to celebrate.  I remember as a child loving family celebrations and we don't get that much this time of year with both Ninas and Poppy's out of town.  We appreciate Sue Sue making things special. She is good at it!  More pics to come tomorrow...I need to shut the mama brain down so I can sleep more than 4 hours.  It was a fun bday weekend!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Double-Digit-Decade-Old Dylan!

 Well, the D-Man has arrived in the land of double digits!  And he was sure jolly about being a decade old today!  He woke up before us, but he managed to get out of his bed w/o disrupting the 10 balloons and 10 tp's that I set out for him.  Ash wanted to know why he had toilet paper on his response was, "why not?!" :)  Everyone can use more TP, right?  Especially D! :)
 The tower of donuts...we tried to put 10 all on top of each other...but he has reached the age where you cannot expect that number of donuts to not topple over.  And, yes, apparently his bday is too close to v-day, so pink donuts were the only choice in the dozen mix at Walmart.  Love that Loggy wants to help his big was cute at 8am, but not so cute at 8pm when he was still "helping" :)
 Birthday mobile!  You know me and decorating vehicles.  I did it in high school and still doing it!
 He had an awesome game. His team won by 25 points and he got two baskets!
 And his team sang to him and since it was our snack week, we brought all sorts of goodies. And his coach was so sweet...he even prayed for him.  I love Upwards!
 Lunch at Steak-N-Shake!  Yumm!  It hit the spot for us all!  He is a corndog!

 We made him sit with a blindfold on while we hid his 10 presents :)
 Biggest hit of the gift/card opening was the singing dog card from Nina and Pops in FL.  Simple joys!  So funny.  The bummer of the gift opening was that the awesome desk we got him apparently was meant for a 3 year old.  It was mini-size.  Ugh.  He was bummed and we were bummed. But we'll order him a new one tomorrow.
 One of my fav. pics of the day...not because of the cake, but I just love his smile.  He did love his cake turned out ok in spite of some snafus and Logan eating the front of it (which turned into the back). 
 It was a gorgeous day out...never is it 60 degrees on his bday here in Indiana.  He got lucky!  We went to our playground and played wiffle ball. His choice.  We also got a family pic....had to add in cardboard Hays!  She did get to facetime us for a bit, but poor D had just broken one of gifts when she called so he was not very talkative.  Then Logan sliced his eyelid open so we had to go. Never lacking for drama.
 Love this how happy he always is. 
 By dinner he was tired of pics...he did give me a peek at one of his nice, blue eyes :) 
 Cracking up over Apples to Apples.  He wanted to play a game for his bday.  This one cracks him up. I can't even remember what he was laughing so hard at.  I think it had to do with a ballerina again.  We get that card every time!
 Cake time!  And, yes, Lo was banned from being near the cake...he had helped a little too much throughout the day...we did a hunt for his gifts and Lo gave away most of the secrets. D grew annoyed.  But I think it's so sweet he wanted to help...he does look up to his brother.
And now we're chilling by the fire watching a movie (Hotel Transylvania 2). It was a great day...a wonderful way to celebrate our sweet boy turning double digits.  I love that it was a Saturday and we weren't running around like crazy people...and we actually got to laugh and spend time together.  I love this kid and feel so grateful every day that he is part of our family.  He is truly one of the most laid back kids you'll meet, and he's so fun and funny and goofy, yet smart and loving.  I still remember the early morning in 2006 that he joined our family.  We had no idea we were having our first boy.  And we were just overcome with joy by him.  I remember Shelby and Hays just holding him and thinking life was perfect.  Of course another girl and boy later, it is beyond perfect.  But he truly was a wonderful piece to our Steg puzzle.  Love you, Dylan James.  You make one great decade-dude!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Someone was hungry :(

I was sitting chillin' tonight by the fireplace after dinner..feeling good about the Pokemon was nearly done.  Went to make some frosting to pipe the bottom and then opened the fridge to grab the cake...and this is what I found.  Right smack in the middle of it.  No way to hide that one.  Let's just say I was slightly disappointed in our "snacking/treat-lovin boy".  And slightly distraught.  Note to self:  Do not leave cake in inside fridge unattended.  Too tempting for little fingers.  Pretty much a continuation of how the week has gone...
One thing I can say is that this kid is the happiest kid I know.  He is so excited about his bday. If he were not, I might not go through so much trouble. But his excitement over things is the best...and his face just lights up to be the focus of attention. He never demands it ever, so he deserves it for his bday.  And as I type this he is now officially the double digits!  YAY for 10!  Better get some zzz's so I can enjoy it with him!

Thursday, January 28, 2016


 Well, some days you make it through only by the grace of God. This was one of those days. And if God hadn't placed the most wonderful man by my side, I am quite sure today would have been the day I checked myself into the loony bin.

I won't revisit all the joyful bumps in the road, but I will say that having only 4 hours of sleep each night for the last few nights has not helped.  Last night was the worst.  Someone needs to invent a machine that shuts a mama's brain down (and her bladder too!).  But I digress. 

I told Kev at the end of the day that I owe him (big time!)...he did away too many of my jobs today...
-I was running late/unstable this morn, so he helped pack lunches (this is a big feat for him...he really dislikes this job).
-He took a sick Ash to the doc bc I had another appt with Logan (the sickies need to leave the Steg house...we are so done with this!)
-He took Hailey's summer app to the P.O. to overnight it.  I normally do this sorta thing, but I was booked solid today and it had to be done by 3pm.  Plus I really needed to mentally detach myself from this...this intensive thing has been stressful this year.
-He took the day off from work...yes, he is still under-the-weather, so he probably needed it, but I am not sure how much rest he got today.
-He made dinner this morning (crockpot)...yumm!
-He helped with homework and especially helped distracted Shelb finish her ALPS writing piece and he made copies for me (seems minor, but I dislike making copies of things)
-And, yes, he even helped me make fondant for Dylan's bday cake.  I probably didn't need him to, but I just needed support in all areas today.  And he was the lucky one! :)
-Most of all, he was just there for hear me rant and rave...and do what I do listen and not judge my craziness :)

Let's just say I am glad this day is over.  It was a comedy of errors that was not so comedic.  Poor Loggy was in the middle of his speech eval when we found out our insurance didn't cover it.  And he needs it.  Poor kid.  He is omitting ends to his words.  Love that boy...but don't want him to seem like he's not as smart as he is.  And he was super naughty a couple times today.  Runs me ragged, but he comes up to my stern face and says with big tearful eyes, "I sorry, mama...I love you".  He knows how to make me forget what he just did.  And I am not even going to get into the "what ifs" of Hailey's ballet summer in her new home state.  Between a couple big decisions and deadlines and the illnesses we are passing around...and the fact that Dylan's bday is about a day away and I have thought very little about it.  And I hate to wish it all away, but I just wish for a day of peace and quiet. 

For now I just wish for a full night's sleep.

And I wish for sanity too so my sweet hubby doesn't have to make up for my lack of mental stability.  So grateful for this man of mine who seems to never stress about the big or little things.  I wish I had his solidity....but I am at least glad he brings peace to our home.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Oh the Joyful Bday Boy :( :)

 Well, ain't that the face of an excited bday boy?!  haha! :)  Honestly at this point in the party, I was taking what I could get.  Getting a pic of this many 3 year olds even looking at the camera is probably a feat in itself. And if you are wondering...yes, my bestie is very close to three. She is a young mama :)  Loggy probably would have smiled had I been in the pic.  All he really wanted was the bag of fruit snacks he had in his hand...which I told him he could have if he took a pic.  I guess I was not specific enough about the smile on the face.  But smile or not, they are a cute lil' bday bunch!
And honestly I was just glad the weather cooperated and we could even have the party!  And that our health issue were past (Shelb was better, Kev is on meds and Ash wasn't worse again til tonight).  We had fun with our Mickey theme, but I think a party at nap time is not the best idea...we had to do it this way, but poor Lo and Sophster were probably in nap mode already.  They both wanted to be with their mommies and do their own thing.  Reminds me of their siblings (Shelb and Ethan)...hee hee:)  But we still had fun and the time flew much that we almost ran out of time to do cake and we never finished our games and "craft".  Oh well!  I should know by now  that 3 year olds do their own thing and don't stick to structure. 
 Isn't this a sweet pic of the boys.  Eli is a cute.  Loggy still just really wanted his fruit snacks....I am not kidding about his I-love-snacks-not-eating-right-issues...but I let it slide on his party day :)  This was the closest I was getting to a smile :)
 Thumbs up for party success!  I finally got a smile post-party.  I think he had a little bit of social anxiety during the party....thus no smiles...
 All smiles for "Mimi":)
And things have just gone downhill after the party.  After a 1 hour nap in the van (he probably would have slept all evening had we not had violin)...he was slightly ornery at violin and then very naughty at home (hiding his actigraph under his bed  and opening up his morning gift tonight and hiding it under our bed). He and mama had a tearful talk about his behavior to which he just kept saying, "I love you mama" (he melts my heart even in his naughtiness). Ash also had a rough day...she was caught stealing at school (well, actually we think her friend stole and gave her stolen items....oh the drama/peer pressure of firsties who covet skittles)  It's been a long day...and no rest for the weary til Sunday.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


 Well, we are just going through the motions here. I did not accomplish much of anything I wanted to today...I should know better by now.  But I am learning slowly that life is not in my control...and curveballs are inevitable.  Anyway...more about that tomorrow...I am tired and trying to get some sleep after two nights of not-enough.  Here's a few pics of the gang.  Ash yesterday after gymnastics...guess what?! She passed another level and moves on to Gold in 2 weeks!  YAY, Ash!  The poor girl really wants to do competitive team, but I told her she has to prove to us that she will stick with it...and we have to grow a money tree.  We'll see...
 The grumpster woke up in about the same mood as he went to bed.  Hunger does that to a person.  He gobbled up two waffles but was still holding a grudge. 
Someone went to the doc.  We though she had strep.  Thankfully she did not, so she went off to school.  But, boy, was last night rough...glad she is better today.
 Christmas is finally coming down.  I am pretty sure a match within a mile of this thing would set it on fire.  It was a good 1st tree for our new house...but it was time for it to go bye bye. I bit off more than I could chew with this...what a mess the old tree made of our home...right before I was trying to set up for the re-do Mickey party tomorrow.
Prepping for the 10th bday!  He is most excited at the moment to celebrate at school on Friday...with his fav...a cookie cake from Sam's. A tradition for our kids at school since everything has to be store-bought.  Yummy!  Cannot believe he will be double digits on Saturday! 

And Hays got into PNB (in Seattle) for summer...yay for her!  She had to call to get results and we are not sure of specifics really.  But I must say this has been the most stressful audition process ever...the timing of things and figuring things out is insane.  I prefer the old SAB way.  We still have large decisions to make in the next 24 hours.  I will be glad when this process is over next week!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Tough Love Stinks!

Well, today was a tough love kinda day. I am tired of my baby boy not eating meals and snacking his way through life.  I probably should not have chose this day to stick to my guns (i.e. a stressful week)...but I did.  And he was as stubborn as they come.  He had every opportunity to eat his lunch today (which was pizza...and what he chose)...but he refused to eat on three occasions. I warned him that at gymnastics he would get nothing to snack on.  He thought I was joking. I was not.  He really carried on.  I am sure the whole huge gym heard him.  He was persistent. But I was moreso. I am not sure who won, but he went to bed not having had anything since bfast.  Though I am now going to bed much grumpier than I was at bfast.  Sometimes tough love stinks for all. :(

Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Skiing Sort of Day...and the aftermath of the blizzard...

 Well, it was off to the slopes for us today!  And what a beautiful ski-day it was!  Cub Scout skiing is always a highlight....and honestly I felt bad going this year w/o our Hays. She loves skiing (shhh, don't tell the ballerina world...bc I can be quite certain that skiiing and ballet do not go hand in hand...think broken bones...and, yes, someone broke their leg on the slopes here today, thankfully not us!).  Anyway...I digress.  We did feel slightly bad our ballerina was not with us to hit the slopes, but the show must go on, as they say, and she will never be here for ski-weather again, mostly likely.  But the rest of the gang had loads of fun.  It was a lovely, sunny day (a tad bit chilly and windy for my liking, but good ski-weather I guess).  So, off these 4 were with their ski gear... 
 The little guy and I decided to join them on the trek. We didn't put on the skis, but we watched from the warm (it was actually quite cold) lodge.  I love this kid. He was a trooper. He probably would have rather stayed home, but I just needed to clear my head and get out of the house for a day.  If the lodge would have been warmer (and Loggy would have been less constipated), it would have been perfect!  But we can't all get what we want I guess. :)
 He was chipper as a chipmunk surrounded by some of his fav. toys and snacks in the lodge.
Yikes...the slopes were extra busy today...I guess that makes sense when it's a Cub Scout Sunday Ski (but it was worth it for D and Kev to ski for free!)  I will post more pics tomorrow, but for now I am off to bed...sitting in the lodge wore me out! haha :)
 Our Hays went to another ballet today (this makes 3 in 4 days I think). Thankfully the blizzard had passed and all shows were on as usual again.  But check out the panoramic of Lincoln Center....that is one big pile of snow by our fav. fountain!
 Here it almost looks like there is no this place at night!
 I can't even remember what she saw tonight...but I know it was great...and she is inside the "jewelry box"
I love this shot...of the mound of snow...that's a lot of snow!  And her building/dorm in the background...the middle tallest one.  So glad the blizzard has passed, but I know there is always a sadness too after the white beautiful snow starts to get dirty and brown.  Love you, Hays!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Our New Yorker Amidst the 2016 Blizzard!

 Well, our ballerina girl is officially snowed-in in NYC. As of 5pm tonight NYC was shut down and she was not allowed out of her dorm/building.  Weird.  Eerily weird to know that he Big Apple is black tonight (well, white actually...but not all lit up and busy!).  I am not sure when the last time this happened due to snow...but it's been awhile.  Even all ballets and Broadway shows were canceled.  Even Starbucks was know something's wrong when SB is closed!  So instead of having ballet class and an audition today for Chautauqua, our sweet girl just hung out in the dorms and ventured out in blizzard of 2016. I think she had fun given the face above.  She has waited for snow since we got some in Indiana a couple weeks ago.  Now I think she has us 14 inches...probably more now...
 She and her buds (coincidentally this one is named Hailey, I think, too) went out to get some SB at 3pm.  But apparently at 2pm SB closed.  Hay says she has never seen NYC with nothing open and no cars driving by...very weird.
 You can see the Julliard building here and the angled lawn (under snow) that I let the kids play on in the summer...all covered in white stuff...
 Frolicking in the snow by their building...haha :)
 See the bobcat going by plowing the snow.  I doubt that thing is big enough to do much help!
 Wow, the landscape of the fountain looks very different in the midst of a blizzard.
 Poor NYC SB fix today!
 But somehow they managed and the snow cheered them up :)
 cool panoramic of the area by SAB...
 Believe it or not the fountain is still working even in the blizzard...rain or shine...or blizzard...that's one amazing fountain!
 Our girl by the fountain
 The "pond" by the dorms...
I think this is her dorm window...she attempted a view outside, but it's pretty icey.

Surreal to think she is in the midst of a blizzard, but I know she is being well taken care of.  NYC and SAB are in a state of emergency, I think.  The snow has been coming down all day long.  I hope tomorrow she can go out and take more pics once the snow has stopped...I told her get some skis and ski down the street (I saw one guy doing this on the news near Times looked fun!).  It's not too often you see a city this big shut down completely.  Kinda fun to experience that, but to do so in the safety of a secure dorm building that has plenty of food and water and all the necessities.  Be safe, Blizzard Girl!  Love you! 

Happy 19th to my German green baby!

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