Saturday, January 30, 2016

Double-Digit-Decade-Old Dylan!

 Well, the D-Man has arrived in the land of double digits!  And he was sure jolly about being a decade old today!  He woke up before us, but he managed to get out of his bed w/o disrupting the 10 balloons and 10 tp's that I set out for him.  Ash wanted to know why he had toilet paper on his response was, "why not?!" :)  Everyone can use more TP, right?  Especially D! :)
 The tower of donuts...we tried to put 10 all on top of each other...but he has reached the age where you cannot expect that number of donuts to not topple over.  And, yes, apparently his bday is too close to v-day, so pink donuts were the only choice in the dozen mix at Walmart.  Love that Loggy wants to help his big was cute at 8am, but not so cute at 8pm when he was still "helping" :)
 Birthday mobile!  You know me and decorating vehicles.  I did it in high school and still doing it!
 He had an awesome game. His team won by 25 points and he got two baskets!
 And his team sang to him and since it was our snack week, we brought all sorts of goodies. And his coach was so sweet...he even prayed for him.  I love Upwards!
 Lunch at Steak-N-Shake!  Yumm!  It hit the spot for us all!  He is a corndog!

 We made him sit with a blindfold on while we hid his 10 presents :)
 Biggest hit of the gift/card opening was the singing dog card from Nina and Pops in FL.  Simple joys!  So funny.  The bummer of the gift opening was that the awesome desk we got him apparently was meant for a 3 year old.  It was mini-size.  Ugh.  He was bummed and we were bummed. But we'll order him a new one tomorrow.
 One of my fav. pics of the day...not because of the cake, but I just love his smile.  He did love his cake turned out ok in spite of some snafus and Logan eating the front of it (which turned into the back). 
 It was a gorgeous day out...never is it 60 degrees on his bday here in Indiana.  He got lucky!  We went to our playground and played wiffle ball. His choice.  We also got a family pic....had to add in cardboard Hays!  She did get to facetime us for a bit, but poor D had just broken one of gifts when she called so he was not very talkative.  Then Logan sliced his eyelid open so we had to go. Never lacking for drama.
 Love this how happy he always is. 
 By dinner he was tired of pics...he did give me a peek at one of his nice, blue eyes :) 
 Cracking up over Apples to Apples.  He wanted to play a game for his bday.  This one cracks him up. I can't even remember what he was laughing so hard at.  I think it had to do with a ballerina again.  We get that card every time!
 Cake time!  And, yes, Lo was banned from being near the cake...he had helped a little too much throughout the day...we did a hunt for his gifts and Lo gave away most of the secrets. D grew annoyed.  But I think it's so sweet he wanted to help...he does look up to his brother.
And now we're chilling by the fire watching a movie (Hotel Transylvania 2). It was a great day...a wonderful way to celebrate our sweet boy turning double digits.  I love that it was a Saturday and we weren't running around like crazy people...and we actually got to laugh and spend time together.  I love this kid and feel so grateful every day that he is part of our family.  He is truly one of the most laid back kids you'll meet, and he's so fun and funny and goofy, yet smart and loving.  I still remember the early morning in 2006 that he joined our family.  We had no idea we were having our first boy.  And we were just overcome with joy by him.  I remember Shelby and Hays just holding him and thinking life was perfect.  Of course another girl and boy later, it is beyond perfect.  But he truly was a wonderful piece to our Steg puzzle.  Love you, Dylan James.  You make one great decade-dude!


Nancy Gritter said...

Happy Birthday Dylan!! Sounds like a perfect day for a 10 yr old, with family fun and great food!!( and a VERY COOL Cake!!) Your birth was a special day for all of us! Love YOU Buddy! xo Nina and Pops :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Dylan! Welcome to the double digits. Love, Aunt Holly, Uncle Devin, DJ & Angel

Melissa said...

So funny! We watched Hotel Transylvania 2 also last night. Happy 10th Dylan!