Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A few NYC pics :)

 I'm feeling sorta blah today, so I am just posting some pics from 1-2 of the fun in NYC. 
LOL...this pic of Lo cracks me up! He found confetti on the ground in Times Square from NYE and was giddy about it.  It's almost like we were there...minus the huge crowd! :)
 Me and my oldest boy...I think he loved ice-skating the most  in Central Park.  He was pretty good too!
 Me and my hubs. He had trouble skating due to a bad skate, but he was still a good sport...and he watched Logan most of the time off the ice, so that was sporty of him too, since it was my bday :)
 Lovin' walking in Central Park :)
 They had this whole row of HUGE Nutcrackers....they were awesome. I have more pics of them, but here is one of our fav. ballerina by one...she is about as tall as he is now...j/k...but she is half his height!
 They have the coolest decorations in Manhattan now...these were Christmas balls in a fountain near Rockefeller Center across from Radio City Music Hall. Very cool.
And my ballerina...on the way to the Nutcracker...showing me her independence on the Subway. She was pushing it with the yellow line there--typical New Yorker.  

Hope she's is feeling better soon. She has a cold...which is not the best timing given her audition season starts this weekend.  Feel better, Hays!

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