Saturday, January 2, 2016

A lovely NYC bday for me!

Adding a few pics....of us in Times Square on my bday morning after dropping off our bags early at our hotel (we love the Crown Plaza...just a step away from the TS action!)...there was still confetti  in the street from!
A bday ice-skate in Central Park at Trump Wollman Rink.  A beautiful, sunny, but cold day!  Lo didn't love it, but he amused his mama :)
A yummy lunch at Stardust Diner...we have been before after Hailey's first summer at SAB, but this was the first time we took all the kids.  The waiters sing to!
The Rockefeller tree...gorgeous!  We took night pics too, but they are on Kev's phone.  Awesome at night!
Magnolia Bakery bday cupcakes.  We also celebrated Lo's bday and D's...since Hailey will not be here for D's 10th in a few weeks.  Yay for cupcakes...and we had the best hotel room...a handicapped room with more space...and right on the corner with wrap around windows to look down on Times Square.  And below is my beautiful ballerina overlooking Lincoln Center (where she lives) can see the fountain below.  We just love watching NYCB's Nutcracker...the best Nutcracker in the world hands down.

Well, what a fun 39th for me!  Loved the day. It was exhausting and chaotic but I got to spend it with 6 of my fav people in one of my must fav places. We ice skated in Central Park, ate lunch at a musical diner, had bday cupcakes from magnolia bakery, saw the Rockefeller tree in day and night and ended the evening on the highest note of all--seeing NYCB's Nutcracker in Lincoln Center with my fav ballerina!  A great day with my great family and a wonderful way to spend my last bday in my 30's!  I feel blessed. Thanks to all for the bday wishes. I feel very loved. Pics to come on Monday once we are home!

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Nancy Gritter said...

What a perfect day!!!! Happy 39th to our most favorite daughter!!! Can't wait to hear about the ballet! Bet it was awesome!!! XO, Mom