Friday, January 1, 2016

A traveling New Year's Day!

 Adding a few pics now that we are home....of our New Year's Day...up early and all packed and ready to go.  Bittersweet to be taking her back to her home-away-from-home....
 they were slightly wiped at Shelb...she forever wins the crazy sleeping face award!
 Awake and rearing to go!
 This gas station (Sheetz) became our new fav. place to can order on a computer and they make it hot and fresh.  Shelb loved their Italian sub!
 I can't remember what state this was in (PA?)....but the frost-line on the trees was so cool!
 He was in rare form on this trip...crazy 3 year old!

 We finally figured out it was cheaper to get this EZ pass for tolls...saves us a lot of $$ if we are traveling back and forth to the Apple!
 Sleepy boy after swimming...Kev has the pool pics on his phone...I'll have to add those later...they had fun in the pool...and watching Disney channel....and here is how we 7 sardines in a small hotel room. Fun!

Greetings from Bethlehem...PA that is. Our lil fam is nested in a humble inn tonight an hour and a half from NYC. Tomorrow morn we will be rockin the new year in Manhattan. It's been a long day of driving, but the little Stegs are happy with a pool and Disney channel. It doesn't take much. Will post pics later...happy January 1!

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