Friday, January 8, 2016

A very unproductive week...

 Golly, this week was the most unproductive ever. I had high hopes for getting stuff done today, but girl scouts bogged me down.  I am a leader of Ashley's troop...we start cookie sales tomorrow (oh least fav.thing to do...sell cookies).  That wasn't even the issue though...too many snafus to issues, communication issues, you name it.  By the time 3pm rolled around I was still on the phone with someone and still in my pj's.  And not the pj kinda day I like.  Waste of a day!  Oh well.  Some  days...weeks are like that.  Here's the proof of the non-productive week....some of it was good unproductive stuff though...I love being home with my boy.  Best job in the whole wide world. And we are learning the ins and outs of magnatiles.  The best part is you can hide stuff in (as seen above!) :)
 And if you make a really stable tower, you can put your arms around it!  This means you are a good builder!
 Very proud of his tower!
 Best architect ever...hugging his tower :)
 Yes, it was leaning...but still standing!
 A good architect likes to look at his design at all angles :)
 All that building called for a nap!  The naps backfired on us this week....he seemed to gain more energy after naps...and seemed to be unable to settle down at night. Same for mama...very restless week's sleep.  Bummer.  Because I love the idea of naps especially in winter.
 Someone learned to clean the floors this week. I am tired of him making messes and mama cleaning them up.  Mama means business!
 Sue Sue stopped over yesterday with a surprise breakfast and some bday goodies for me!  She's the best.  Lo was shy about eating his cinnamon rolls in front of Sue Sue, but he gobbled them up after she left...and even left one for Deeeyan!  Goofball!

 One last shot of mama with long hair....I think it had been a year since I had it cut. Eeeek!  Love this smiley boy!
 Crazy boy...he made this face for Hayeee to cheer her up while she's sick. I think it scared her more than anything.  Pretzel boy!
 Lunch with my middle girl.  Can you guess what this face means?  "Why can't I have a phone?"
 She tried the sweet look too...didn't work. I told her if she goes off to NYC at 12 then she gets a phone...
 Mama's new 'do.  6 inches off.  It was about time.  I am not a long-hair girl.
 He has stepped up to do chores this week :)  It's a 3 year old job!
 Awww, found this in Ashley's backpack.  A letter she wrote at school to Hailey.  She loves her biggest sis so much.  She writes to her a lot.
 Lo and I played his fav. game today...hide-n-seek.  He is pretty good at hiding and seeking! 
 We read some books...he loves boat books and counting boats in the book...oddly enough there are 9 on each page :)
 I was going to take our Christmas card tree down, but I like it too much so it's staying up. I love to see our friends'/family's smiley faces :)
 We celebrated Shelby today...with Steak-N-Shake shakes.  We were gonna go last night after the concert, but it was a tad bit too late.  YAY for ones...we had gift cards and coupons.  She had red velvet...yumm!
 YAY for Shelb!
 Game night...Shutes and Ladders...we all look like we are having a great time, don't we? haha :)  Logan made the game a little hard to complete...
Can you guess who won?

I guess unproductive isn't always bad.  I just feel I wasted a lot of day time hours on computer/phone stuff that is not important to me. Next school year I want to really be stingy with my volunteer hours.  My time with my boy at home is too precious.  But I am all good about the time we are spending at home. I have realized how much I dislike being out and about all the time.  I am a homebody.

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Nancy Gritter said...

Awwww, love your new haircut! Looks awesome shorter! AND I love that Logee enjoys those magnatiles! Best thing I ever bought the kiddos! Wendi said they would be a favorite! :) And they have been for all the kids accept Hays who was too old when I bought them! :) I love that you still are enjoying your Christmas stuff...good for you! The CARD tree on the wall is a cool idea! :) Feel better Hays! Pops and I just got over colds as well..its that time of year and especially when you travel! Love you all!! Nina and Pops