Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A wonderful sound!

 Today was the day....our 1st lesson of 2016 and time to finally tune the new/old violin and hear it's sound!  Yippee!  It needed lots of tuning since the strings are new...and it was re-tuned a couple times just during our hour lesson....but, boy, oh boy does it have a wonderful rich, deep tone.  Love it!  Our teacher loved it too.  And Shelb sounded amazing playing it.  Above is her first time playing it!
 We were using our rental bow to begin with, but were planning on buying a new bow this week or next.  Well, our teacher had us get our Nina's old bow...she inspected it and said she actually liked it.  So....it just needs to be re-haired and it'll be perfect! 
 Shelb even got to use it tonight...how fun to use Nina's old bow...hasn't been used since Nina played it oh-so-many years ago!
 It took some getting used to, but Shelb got the hang of it. The full-size violin is a lot heavier than the 3/4...and the bow is longer (and the frog is heavier)....so it's going to take some practicing to build strength...but it was a beautifully sounding instrument.
I love that my daughter can play my mother's violin.  It's a special legacy to pass down.  And maybe it will inspire our Shelb to practice more :) :) 
Even Lo liked strumming on the new strings tonight. 

I will try to post more pics tomorrow...this week has been off for me with 2 school snow delays and kids home longer than normal....

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Nancy Gritter said...

Awwww, I LOVE IT TOO, that Shelby can play my violin!! To think that when I was her age( well almost) I was playing that very same violin and that I was 12 when I soloed on TV in Minneapolis! I wish I had a video of it but I did play the tape of it for her! Next time I come up I will bring my music for that solo and she can play it! I saved all my music! :) I cant wait to hear her play on it in person!! :) Nina/Mom