Sunday, January 3, 2016

Bye Bye, Hays...and almost home...

 Adding a few pics to this post today...bc you know me and picture-less-posts...cannot have that! :)  Here is our day yesterday....our early morning getting ready to take our girl to her 2nd home.  She was trying to help Ash here...we have some long-hair issues that need a good brushing...poor Ash.
 Seriously...this has to be one of the best views in the hotel...very cool!
 Our room...wish I had gotten it with more was really a nice one.  We love this hotel and feel very blessed to have stayed here so often thanks to Nina and Poppy Stegs and their hotel points.  This was a room upgrade thanks to their points!
 Looks like the subway, but it was just the basement of our hotel...waiting for our van to come out of the parking garage.  Hailey and I were the only ones that took the subway this time (to the ballet).
 Our fancy bfast before droppin' Hays off...Dunkin' Donuts!  I actually think this is a highlight for the kids...they love DD's and we don't have them in Bloomy.  I personally think Krispy Kreme is better.
 Of course, I made her get out in the cold and take some pics....this is the road she lives on...her dorm is down the street there on the right (tall building) next to Juilliard.
 Love this fountain...and the love the girl sitting in front of it even more! (behind is the opera building)           
This is where we saw Nutcracker the night before...beautiful Koch theater...just perfect for NYCB
 Goodbye hugs in the van...not easy to do!
 Poor Lo looks squished!
 The girl and her bags...not as bad as when we drop her off for summer and fall!
 Shelb ended up helping us carry stuff up...I think she wanted some extra time with Hailey :)  This is Hailey's suite area of her dorm.
 One last her dorm room.

 Love this girl...gonna miss her, especially on her 16th bday...but she will be home a week later at least and for Easter!
 Bye Bye NYC....I always take a pic as we's my way of feeling a little closer to Hays.  Sometimes I still cannot believe she calls this place her home.
 Sheetz...we love this was our lunch stop again!
 Lo telling Hayeee that he is eating some her chocolates (which really were not hers, but he was convinced they were!)
 Seriously...such a goofball!
 A SB stop for Shelb to use her gift card.  She drank it it honor of Hays who loves SB and frequents the one in Lincoln Center!
 The rowdy gang is minus one again :(  D was ecstatic he finally got his pretzel.  He had been begging since NYC.
 After the traumatic poop incident. We had to stop at some random place in PA and help him...after the trauma, he fell fast asleep in my arms and slept almost the whole way home...almost....he woke up in rare and rowdy form....haha :)

Well, it's been a long day. This drive is no fun and less fun doing it on little sleep. But we'll make it. Never fun going home and getting back to reality. But it's a necessary evil I guess. I think Hays was glad to be back "home". She and one of her friends were one of the only people there at the dorms at 9am. They went to lunch together and hopefully Hailey got her hw done. We've had a non-eventful drive home aside from a traumatic poop incident. :). Reflecting on the last two weeks:  It's been wonderful having our Hays home  a wonderful mix of relaxation and busyness of friend time and family time. It was a good winter break? But never long enough.  Now it's on to a new year and a few months of no-Hailey. Next time we see her it'll be Easter and she'll sweet 16!  Sigh. I'm feeling old!

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