Thursday, January 7, 2016

Another Day...a few more NYC pics :)

 My heart is in NYC now so amuse me with a post of more pics.  Some people go to Disney or FL for their happy place...mine is NYC.  I have always loved the idea of a big city and now that my daughter lives there, I love it even more.  Anyway...this is where my heart is this week.  So here's a few more pics of our visit....of us in Times Square. Seriously...if you just want to stand here and watch people, it could keep you busy all day.  Lots of crazies here!  It was especially fun to be here 33 hours after the ball dropped.
 My bday gift...skating with my Lo for the first time.  Haha...not really.  He did not love it, although he looks oddly happy in this pic. :) I think the sun was making him wince.  He was dead weight in my arms which is probably why my back is spasming this week.  Oh the fun of 3 year olds ice skating!  At least it was an adventure...we always claim this even for failed fun ideas!
 Rockefeller Center...the big tree and their ice rink. We had initially planned on skating here, but it was double the cost and a much longer wait. So we opted for the cheaper, shorter wait version in CP.  Glad we did. The line for this rink was outrageous (down the block) and the rink was a 1/3 of the size. I actually like the picturesque Central Park view anyway.  Though I do love the big tree and the gold statue too.  But a pic next to it was just as good than being on the actual rink.

 Ash showing off our cupcakes outside Magnolia. She helped me pick out the bday ones.  They seriously have the best frosting on their cupcakes.
 We walked briefly by the Lego store in Rockefeller Center. We didn't go in b/c the line was long and we needed to get somewhere, but it was fun to see the Lego buildings. We have been in the store before, so it was no biggee skipping it (at least for us...D loves Legos and prob. could have spent all day here)
Daddy got the honor of taking the 4 youngest to the NYC AG store while Hailey and I raced to Lincoln Center to the ballet.  haha  Sorry, daddy.  One of the top things on Ashley's Christmas list was getting her Grace doll's ears pierced.  I have a pic of that to share later.  But in the process, the girls got to see Lea, the new AG doll, who had only been in stores for 1.5 days.  She's a girl who loves Brazil, which is sorta cool given that Kev's extended family lived there for quite awhile. 

Anyway...that's the NY pics for today...more to come I am sure :)

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