Thursday, January 7, 2016

Way to go, Violinist, Shelb!

 I don't usually make time to double-post, but didn't want the day to end w/o saying how proud we are of our violinist and her school strings concert tonight!  She did great (or at least I think she did...we couldn't see anything, but the top of her head...bad seating!)  But isn't she a lovely string-ist!
 Because our seats were so bad, I ran over right before it started and got a pic of her and her best bud, Syd, before they played their 4 pieces.  It might be the last time Shelb has to play in a concert on this rental violin!  YAY!
 The wiggle worm...who did remarkably well for sitting through a 2 hour concert at night.  Thank goodness for some matchbox cars!
 Where's Where's Waldo?  Poor Lo wanted to see her, but there was not a chance...we were too low on the bleachers.
 A ton of kids playing and families watching...Shelb was on the far left in the back...
 She's back here idea where....but this was one of her songs...YMCA...and all the kids do the motions who are not playing.  Cute!
 A reward of cookies and punch.
We should have brought the ballerina clone head to add in here...especially since the concert was at her old high school.  Thumbs up for a great concert, Shelb!  D was a little miffed bc he didn't get a cookie due to another forgotten agenda day....thus a glum face. 

Way to go, Shelb...another concert well done!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Way to go Shelby! Sorry I missed your strings concert! Next concert you will be playing my old violin!! Yay!!! It's been a very long time since sound has come outta that baby! Can't wait to hear it!!! I have been enjoying all the NYC pics as well! Love, Nina xo