Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day!

 Well, it's good ol' leap day!  Gotta appreciate it since it doesn't happen every year!  I could have slept through it. I have been doing so good with my 4am insomnia....til today.  Leap day was not my morning.  But up and atom we were.  Ready for Read Across America one of Dr. Seuss week.  It was Green Eggs and Ham day--wear green.  Our poor teacher had the stomach bug but we sent in our treats anyway.  I think they were a hit. Ash said the kids loved them even though the fish had a reaction with the jello and made it super watery.  Weird.
 Lo and I laid low today.  Mondays are good for us...our one day off usually.  We played under the ping pong table with our fav. toys. :)
 We even took a trek to the playground. It looked warmer than it was...too chilly for mama to last long.  But we slid and slided a bunch of time!
 Being speedy on Thomas :)
 Being silly with our snack. We had a special snack today in honor of Hayeee...but that will be a post for another day...
 We read a little Seuss in honor of the week...
 We got a little sad at one point...mama was making us pick up our toys...
 But we did have fun popping all the party balloons :)
 The day wore us out...mama could have slept like this too...zzzzz
 Ash has moved up to being able to do flips on this trampoline.  Fun!
 Someone got 100% on her science test from last week. The one she studied for a long time for and was worried about. Yay, Shelb!  This came as good timing as she did not get into the ALPs program for middle school. We were bummed. Her teacher was bummed.  She was bummed.  But honestly, I always trust that God has plans and opens and closes doors as necessary.  I trust this is the same in this case.  So proud of our Shelb regardless.  She's one of the hardest working kids I know.
 Some leaps for leap day!  Not so clear on an iphone, but still cute :)
 hee hee...leap, leap, leap!  On a side note, did you see the Google the bunnies. I didn't get it at first (thanks to a sleepless night), but then it hit me...leaping cute! 
We love Leap Day!  Happy Feb. 29!  So glad this month is over...I usually love Feb, but it wore me out this year.  March, here we come!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

A day of rest (sorta)

 Well, we decided to take the whole day off.  Not even change out of pj's...not even venture out to church. It was not due to laziness...but mostly because we have been sick for weeks and we needed a physical break.  Sometimes it's ok to do that.  We attempted to sleep in, but sleep hasn't been our friend this year so far.  So instead we made a yummy bfast.  One of our favs---sour cream coffee cake.  It is D's fav.  He begged for it last week along with his super starchy sleepover bfast...but I had to draw the line. So today he was one happy camper!
 LOL...this kid is crazy.  Trying out the 'mello gun!  Good idea wearing the first!
 She is working much harder on violin these days. Two more months to prove to us she should re-enroll in IU.  She is proving this to her teacher too who is asking her to record her time.
 My frustration of the day...GS Cookie stuff.  I am about over it!  I was over it before it started.  Kev tried to help, but even he was frustrated. There has got to be a better way!  Bye bye to being cookie mom!
 Making a special dessert for tonight...
 Writing thank yous....she didn't complain.
He did. He cried actually at one point bc he was so tired and his hand was hurt.  Granted, he had double the amount to write than Shelb...but he just hates writing (like his dad).  I don't make the kids write thank yous often.  I know it's old school, but we do it for bday parties. It's part of etiquette that I try to teach them.  Kids need to know how to address envelopes, where to put stamps and how to truly thank someone for something.  I want to instill this in them. But for D it was torture (as pictured).  Poor kid.  He worked on them all day...finally tonight they were done!

I have more pics to post, but they are not that is my cue to go to bed.  I am tired. I slept last night away with my 3 year old and prefer not to do that again tonight.  zzzzzzzz

Ok...I got the pics to download...finally....a few more pics of the day.  Making our special nice dinner. We rarely have nice dinners bc we rarely eat a normal meal together.  I knew we'd be home tonight so I planned a nice meal.  Kev was was his fav. stuff. Shelb was happy too (though you wouldn't know by the face :))...she was worried she was going to cut her hand peeling potatoes. 
Yummers!  Our late-V-day-bye-bye February fancy meal!  Kev loves a good steak...and good ol' mashed taters and green beans!  And the last of our Nina FL rolls!  Plus some sparkling bubbly and pink strawberry milk.  The girls made place settings out of marshmallows and heart toothpicks.  I failed to put fungus on my steak, but Kev had his smothered! 
Our happy gang!  I think almost everyone complained about the meal tonight. Such incentive to make nice emails, huh?!  They get a little too used to hot dogs and pizza (their favs)
lol...we did make a joke that the meat was as red as a Valentine heart :)  It was mooooooing at us!  Unnerving to this mama who likes her meat very dead!
We did have some laughs over our fancy/failure meal :)
The dessert was good!  Mini heart ice cream sandwiches and four different homemade cheesecakes...oreo, thin mint and strawberry (heart-shaped) and plain...yumm!
I think Shelb ate half of the cheese cakes :)
Hayeeee called during dessert!  We love our Hayeeee....but all Loggy wanted to do was run with her and drop her and then pick his nose in front of her and eat it :)
Wii!  Soooo excited daddy hooked this up last weekend!  It is incentive to get chores done!
Almost forgot to make our Happy Bday, Dr. Seuss treats for tomorrow for the firsties!  One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.  I didn't come up with the idea, but I have seen it on the internet.  Our teacher had the week all planned out.  Gotta love a planner!  Cute and yummy!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Our Beautiful Violinist!

 So proud of our fav. musician!  She did wonderfully at her concert today.  She played Bouree (sp?)  with her group and played as beautifully as ever :)  It was her first time playing the new"old"violin in a concert and Nina would have been proud!
 On stage with her class.  Probably the poorest quality picture ever...sorry. One of these days we will get our computer back in order and I can download good pics!  For now this is better than nothing!
 Can you spot her?  These are not all kids in her group, but they combined for the concert.  I must say that she needs to be in the next group up. Some of the kids in this group are not book 4 (or even 3) quality.  But I guess I am not in charge so it's not my business, but I do pay a hefty violin bill so I feel I can spout at the mouth about it on the blog. :)
 Also a poor quality pic (the lighting in this hall stinks!), but look who crawled on my lap during Shelb's group piece and told me "I don't feel so good" and fell asleep.  zzzz...he had had a long day!
 Such a beauty!
 Sue Sue came with us. So glad to have family in town to share special events with us.  Love Sue Sue!
 I missed the shot of her doing the Audrey Hepburn...but she did it well :)
 Sue Sue was so sweet and gave her a bunch of goodies...a beautiful violin necklace...and cool purple violin shirt (which she is wearing right now!) and PEEPS!  She knows Shelb well! :)
 We gave her a couple things too...nothing fancy...but I know she felt loved and special :)
 Us with our girl...hard to believe she has been around almost 12 years.  Wow. 
 Awesome Violinist eating an awesome Steakburger!  Yumm!
 Ignore that crazy in the middle...she was in rare form!  This place was hopping...but the food was delicious especially at 8 at night. We were starving and the food (especially the shakes!) hit the spot!  Thanks, Nina and Poppy Stegs for this awesome Christmas gift (gift cards!).  Between this and D's bday they are all used up!  We love "kids eat free" weekends!
We missed our Hays though...celebrations are not the same w/o her.  In a month she will be here....and we will be celebrating her! :) 

Yay for a lovely musical afternoon and our gifted violinist.  Love that Shelby girl and love to hear her play her new/old instrument!

Now onto our day off....yay for Sunday...our day of rest :)

Friday, February 26, 2016

Derby Dylan--and the slooow Garfield-mobile

 Well, it was the good ol' Cub Scout Pinewood Derby tonight...D was hyped.  Unfortunately his car was not.  I told him when he put Garfield on it, he was setting himself up for sloooowness.  I mean, isn't Garfield know to be lazy and sloooow and weighted down by lasagna? It was only fitting that the Garfield-mobile be last in all 4 races.  Sigh.  But D was a good sport.  He's won the whole race 2 years ago, so it was time for others to have that trophy. :) was a wild night and I chased Logan for all of it, and I am fighting some sinus I will have to add commentary to this later.  Proud of our Dyl and his orange Garfield-mobile. If anything he should get bonus points for getting 4th place (last) all 4 times. That deserves some type of award, right? :)

Happy 19th to my German green baby!

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