Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A day for groundhogs :)

Well, this post really has nothing to do with groundhogs...but I must say...I love Groundhog Day.  It's just awesome.  I haven't met a groundhog I don't like and to have a day devoted to them...well, that just makes them one cool rodent.  We used to have a family of them living in our old backyard. They were so cute.  Kinda pesky, but a cute kinda pesky. And today I hear Phil in PA said spring will be here sooner than we thought.  YAY!  That makes me like groundhogs even more!  Anyway...that's all I'll say about these big cuddly rodents.  Gotta love 'em!  
Now here's a rundown of the last couple days...nothing exciting..but I try to keep up on things for Hays's to see all the excitement she's missing!
 Cheeeeeese!  Seriously...the kid got my cheese-love.  He had to eat chips n cheese w/o me on Monday...I was not feeling a love for cheese that day. You know it's a bad day when you can't eat cheese!
 It was GS cookie pick-up...my first time doing it...just call me Mrs. Cookie Mom.  It was pretty lowkey and well organized...just pull up to one of the two semis. Apparently sales are way down...duh....I suggest trying not to make GS cookie sales during the dead of winter in freezing rain and blizzard weather!
 My dear sweet Kev came to help me in case I needed another vehicle...just call him Cookie Dad!
 My cookie guard!  43 cases of cookies...I thought I'd need an empty van...could have fit way more!
 Lunch date with dad at Chick-fila!  YAY!  Lo is only there to play on the playground and eat the fries and Sprite!
 Mama cow and her calf :) hee hee
 All passed out from the day of errands.  He has had some good couch naps lately.  Wish I could say the same.
 I can barely fit these cookies in our messy garage.
 Ash took her bud, Neva, to gymnastics yesterday for bring-a-friend day.  They had fun!
 D is all smiles with his Garfield shirt on...a gift from Sue Sue.  Leave it up to her to find a Garfield shirt. And apparently this is one cool shirt...kids were complimenting him on it at gymnastics.  Gotta love the orange cat!
 Go Ash!
 Last day in Silver...next week it's up to Gold!
 Two gymnastics' ribbons...and she wants another one...
 And today...it was off to the library...oh, sweet, train table!  We have missed you...bc of all the snow delays last month we only went to the library once in January.  We have missed this place, but it was crazy busy today!  Lo was in rare form...he did not want to sit through story hour or be quiet.
 But he did like Science time. We have never done this before, but it was about shadows...he loved it, especially this light table with shapes...sorta like magnatiles.
 These were shadow makers, but they ran out of sticks, so Lo taped them all to the table. Genius. (aka tape-lover :))
 We are making small strides in the food dept...he now likes grilled cheese...of course...also mommy's fav!  We heart cheese!
 Being rascally at violin tonight :)
Working hard on the new/old violin...
And a pic of my Hays yesterday drinking her banana peanut butter smoothie that she made...she has had a week off of school...and will have another week off next week, I think...it's rough in NYC!  We miss you, Hays.  But she is doing well and enjoying her rehearsals for the SAB winter ball coming up right before her bday!

That's our life the last couple days.  This mama is struggling.  I have had had a bout of insomnia the last couple weeks.  A weird thing where I wake up at 4am and can't get back to sleep. This has worn me down completely. I need sleep.  Lack of it is really hard on me.  Praying this night will be a full night of sleep....

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