Saturday, February 6, 2016

A GS Cookie Day

Well, I am usually not a fan of Girl Scout cookie stuff, but we had a little bit of fun with cookies today.  Just wish it had not consumed our day!
 We started off the GS cookie sorting by writing our thank yous.  Most people probably don't do this, but I think it's a good lesson on etiquette to thank everyone who bought cookies.  We attach these to the bags of cookies. Easy peasy.
 Someone had a little fun helping us sort and move boxes.  He did pretty good except he wanted everyone's cookies together color coordinated...not in their individual piles.  Not-so-helpful.
 He may not be a Girl Scout,but I'd buy Thin Mints from him!
 He got a reward for helping...a cookie...not a GS one though...a cheaper version!
 Like I said...he was very helpful.  He actually helped more than the girls...but they were busy with their notes.  And, yes, daddy helped too...he's an awesome GS dad!
 We had a little fun with our cookies before we sorted them. The girls sold 100...nothing too extraordinary, but good enough for selling in the freezing rain and snow.  Some crazy troops MAKE their girls sell 250...that is insane!  Ash came up with this idea to make GS out of cookies and put eyes in it (white papers) and make it like a GS cookie monster. She's funny :)
 We delivered cookies around the 'hood!  Oh sweet sun, shining down on us.  I loved it, but the eyes did not.  Shelby will someday thank me for posting this awesome pic of her :)
 Scooter boy was very helpful...hee hee...and yes, we had a baby carriage full of cookies because we could not reach our wagon in the messy garage.
 Our troop had our first GS sale tonight at Marsh by the mall. These Daisies had a ton of fun!  We had a little bro join us too...thankfully it was not Logan. :)  Tomorrow I do one more with him. Oh joy!
 They got really into it! hee hee :)
 They even came up with a cookie cheer.  It was so cute.  I love that they loved doing this. Made it worth it.  They even got some good business doing this.
We went to Chick-fila to celebrate with our buds.  Fun!  I am not sure I loved putting this much time into this today, but I do think selling cookies is a good learning experience and we did have fun with it.  Might be our last year doing it all. I think we are giving it all up next year.

 And my D boy did awesome at his game this morning...he made three shots and was 50/50 for shooting.  I was proud of him. Of course, the only shot I could get of him on the iphone was a dribble.  But he did good.  Go, D!

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Nancy Gritter said...

I would LOVE to have that sweet face sell me some Thin Mints!! I would buy a whole case!! :) Such a sweet picture!! GO DYLAN!!! Keep up the good basketball form!! And way to go Ash and Shelba girl, selling all those cookies!! You did great!!!xoxo Nina