Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Lil' Snowy Day...and pics from last week...

 Well, we woke up to a little bit of snow on the ground. It was probably less than the above pic (which was from last Monday)...but I am kinda tired of snow, so I didn't take any outdoor pics today and now the snow is gone! YAY for that! Anyway...Lo and I have done absolutely nothing today.  I am still in pj's and he has had a movie marathon of library movies.  We needed a lazy day. Actually yesterday, he begged to go home when we were out and about.  So I knew he would be happy being a homebody today. :)  I do love our view from our master bedroom window.  This day it was foggy too so we couldn't even see the road beyond the field.
 We are struggling here with chores lately.  Never any time or energy to get them done.  But on snow days we try (or are forced to try)!
 So glad daddy took this day (President's Day) off...worked out great that it was a holiday and also a snow day.  He made some guac from some free avocados he got from a co-worker.  We thought of Nina Stegs since we know she loves this green stuff. I could do w/o it.  We still have 4 of these green things left in the fridge. Thankfully Kev and Shelb like them!
 I attempted to take some pics of the 10 year old since he got this nice,blue shirt from Nina and Poppy Stegs. But he was too cold and not cooperative or excited about doing them outside.
 Taking the new scooter out for a stroll in the snow!  Toot toot, Thomas!  Love that big boy's smile :) :)
 Daddy played with us in the snow for the first time at the new house!  YAY!  We took advantage of this and tackled him with snow!
 He got us back thanks to his snow-scoop (sled!)
 hee hee...I'm sure he was glad to take the day off just to get pelted with snow!
 Ash got him good a couple times!
 Even Loggy did!
 Daddy cannot lose...even if it means dumping snow on his 3 year old :)
 I think he was aiming at me here...he missed!
 Tee hee...had to make a nice snow-ballerina out of our clonehead and her scarlet slippers (which made the snow look bloody).  Her outfit was v-day themed coincidentally :)
 Our snow monkey :)
 No idea what he was doing here....something about making his sled a catapult!
 I know I posted this before, but our snow days are not complete w/o include a group pic with our cardboard Hailey :)
 Trying to knocking the Hailey head off with a snowball.  He was very focused on this!
 YAY!  He did it. He was cracking himself up when he succeeded!
 Then our ballerina snow girl transformed into a snow-man! We had trouble finding good eyes....
 So, the snowman turned into a snow-dog!  Complete with Oreo eyes and a mini-oreo mouth.  
 We named him Oreo-the dog, since he was almost good enough to eat :)
 Some quick sledding in the backyard.  Last day with Milo Monkey...go Dyl!
 Shelb was mad bc we ran out of time to do more sledding.  We had to rush off to gymnastics and girl scouts.  Bummer :(
 And we had to do some party planning for D's Nerf shindig. Thank goodness this is all over now!  This is pretty much how Lo feels about all shopping...even Lowes.  It's "fun"!
 Prepping for marshmallow guns and dart poppers.
Shelb did some baking at Girl Scouts.  Yummy cream puffs/eclairs!  They needed more sugar or some chocolate, but they were pretty good!  I love her leaders. They are so creative.

Yay for being done with blogging before 10pm! I get worn out typing at night.  I'd better get my rear off the couch and get some chores done. I cannot wait for spring. I hate feeling like a bump on a log in winter.

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