Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Always a day behind...

 Well, the week seems to be going by super fast...thanks to the snow day. This is good and bad.  Good bc fast weeks are always good. But bad bc I lost a day of party planning in the mix.  Ugh.  But I am really just not worrying about it this time. Boy parties are easy in some respects.  No matter how hard you plan, they simply like to run and tackle each other and they do not work well under organized conditions.  And the best news is that Saturday is supposed to be mid-60's and sunny.  This means no raising a ruckus in our home, but outside! YAY! was a mostly picture-less day...but here is what I got.  Ash is Star Student again in her class...second time for the year.  She was extra happy!
 While I was organizing party supplies and making my shopping list...Lo had fun lining up all his cars and trucks...big and small! Here he is saying, "you heeeeelp me, mama?" :)  I love how he says this like a country bumpkin!
 Best shot I could get of Shelb at her group class tonight.  They packed them in this lil' room so they could have a small rehearsal for their concert next weekend. They sounded good!
 Fun with dishes! D was on dish-duty bc he forgot his math homework at school.  He had fun showing lil' bro water tornadoes in the sink :) hee hee
 Party prep.  Daddy made a Nerf gun out of PVC pipe. It didn't work yesterday, but with some revamping (a straw) the thing shot all the way across our house.  Awesome!  D had fun with it!
 Lo wanted to learn too :)  He is a big boy (if you ignore the diaper :))
Cute Nerf shooter!

Now off to bed...a busy day tomorrow!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Way to go Asher!! Congrats on your accomplishments! You are right Kelly, about boys and parties...I recall some of Jeffs parties and all they wanted to do was tackle each other, falling into the pool!( or into the ocean!) Games were not appreciated!! :) I am sure Dylans party and cake will be awesome!This week sure did go fast, didnt it?? xo Mom