Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Brave Boy!

Well, Little Lo was a brave boy today.  He had the final part of his IU Psych Sleep Study...an EEG. He had done this once before, 6 months ago, and it didn't go well. He cried and wanted me right there. I was fairly certain things would be worse this time. I was pleasantly surprised that I was wrong.  He didn't even need me in the room and he didn't cry at all.  In face, the study assistants said he was the BEST and calmest kid that they had ever had (I told them this was a fluke :)).  Here he is after the study...they let me in to take a pic.  He was so mad at me though...I think he was just so scared the whole time that he didn't dare cry.  I cannot blame him.  Who would want 120 electrodes on their head and face.  Poor kid.  But he was amazing and he got lots of chocolate for this and a prize and $25 cash.  Big boy!  Though not sure the cash was enough for this sort of thing...
 Anyway...here is how our morning started.  We really didn't want to venture out, but we had library books due....so out we went.  We picked out some Jake DVD's and some Scooby books!
 We played in the playroom. This cash register with fake money is his fav.  I wish we still had the 2-3 registers we used to have.  Our kids never really played with them. Of course, if we had one, he prob. wouldn't play with it.  It's nice to play with lib. toys that STAY at the library!
 We like the idea of story time, but we don't like the crowd of kids and we will not sit on the carpet near the reading lady.  We like the adult chairs right by mama.
 We played at the train table with a baby who was barely able to stand...well, mostly we just ignored her and hoped she didn't touch the train stuff!
 We learned about the Chinese New Year and made a lantern.  We LOVE cutting!
 And here is the study before he saw me...he got to watch "Mimi"...that's probably how he made it through the hour study with that drippy mess on his head.
 Daddy created these cool invites for D's party on Sat.  Nothing fancy, but I think they look cool. Kind of a combo Star Wars/Nerf theme!  Can't go wrong with that!
 Someone was pretty excited about his FL Goofy postcard from Nina G! 
 That study took it all out of him!  Completely passed out on the way to school!  lol!
 I made him address his own invites.  He's 10...he should be able to do this!  Finally they are in the mail. Better late than never!
 I had violin duty, while daddy had cub scout duty.  Shelb is doing wonderfully on her new violin. Her teacher said it finally looks like she's comfortable playing a heavier instrument. And her teacher commented last week on how beautiful the sound is from this violin.  YAY!  Love to hear that.  I guess it takes some musicians a long time to find a good-sounded instrument.
We cut our hand putting a marker top back on the marker...it got pinched and bled. We took this pic bc he was feeling very sorry for himself and wanted Hayeee to see it.  I know she felt bad for him even from NYC.

This mama is burned out.  I cannot wait for Sunday night to be here and the craziness to be much, much less.  

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Nancy Gritter said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Look at all those electrodes!!! He was a VERY brave boy!! Way to go Logee!! LOVE the invites for the bday party!!!Dont know how ya do it all....not my thing for sure! BUT youa re VERY good at it! Nice job Kevin!! AND I am so glad that Shelby is getting used to the violin!! I look forward to hearing it one of these days!! xo Nina/Mom