Friday, February 26, 2016

Derby Dylan--and the slooow Garfield-mobile

 Well, it was the good ol' Cub Scout Pinewood Derby tonight...D was hyped.  Unfortunately his car was not.  I told him when he put Garfield on it, he was setting himself up for sloooowness.  I mean, isn't Garfield know to be lazy and sloooow and weighted down by lasagna? It was only fitting that the Garfield-mobile be last in all 4 races.  Sigh.  But D was a good sport.  He's won the whole race 2 years ago, so it was time for others to have that trophy. :) was a wild night and I chased Logan for all of it, and I am fighting some sinus I will have to add commentary to this later.  Proud of our Dyl and his orange Garfield-mobile. If anything he should get bonus points for getting 4th place (last) all 4 times. That deserves some type of award, right? :)

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