Thursday, February 4, 2016

Embracing the gray-ness

 Well, today I decided to embrace the gray-ness of life. To be ok with it.  Sometimes I think I beat myself more than I should about just being lazy and tired and blah.  I need to be ok with it.  It is part of life to have ups and downs.  And for me it is part of winter.  Gray makes me feel this way. I decided to just embrace what that brings.  Because I know that with every gray day, there will be a brighter day beyond.  Now, I do not logically think this always, but after having a few tears and some non-productive hours this morning, I just got up and made myself go out for awhile...made myself take in some smiles with my boy. And amidst the gray I found smiles.  It was good.
 I am only posting a few pics of the day now bc I want to shut down for the night...but here is my fav. part of the day. We napped. I have not taken one in awhile bc of my 4am insomnia, but we needed it today.  I woke up after an hour and he was clutching my pinky finger so tight. It was the sweetest thing. And my most fav. thing about this nap is how it started.  It's a "mama said-Loggy said" moment
Mama: "Thank you for being my boy"
Loggy: "You welcome" (I love how he says this)
Mama: "I love you"
Loggy:"I yuv you too"
So simple, but so genuine coming from a 3 year old. Heart-melting.
 Also heart-melting is how he loves his sibs and how they love him.  Today he wanted me to take a pic of him and Ash...and he HAD to scoot right over next to her and he HAD to put his arm around her and he told her, "now you put your arm here"...and she had to do the same.  Love this kid. If anyone can make a gray-day sunny, it is kids!  And we went outside today...yes, it was 35 degrees, but who cares...we played t-ball...and we loved it...big bro taught little a few things...and they were so sweet together. 
Sometimes just forcing a smile on a gray day is the best medicine.

I have more to share tomorrow, but I must shut the brain down. On a side note, I got an hour more sleep last night...that's a small celebration.  And I must say I am so grateful for friends who email with support and advice and even send me articles.  You know who you are...I cherish you.  Thank you! 

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