Monday, February 1, 2016

Father knows best!

Well, if you ever wonder who is the best gift giver in our house, it is apparently....Dad!  Because this weekend he gave his son the best present ever...and the son is letting everyone know it. Seriously...I should have recorded how many times the kid told someone..."and dad got me this awesome electricity kit"...and then he'd follow by saying, "And, mom...I don't know what she got me...oh, yea...she got me a desk that was too small for me." Nice.  Seriously...Kev and I started to laugh bc every time he'd talk to someone about his bday he would say the same thing about this awesome gift "FROM DAD!" :)  I am not even sure if it was labeled from dad, but it didn't matter.  Dad is now the king of gifts.  Mom pails in comparison.  So here are a few pics of this awesome electricity kit.  That, truth be known, we bought probably 3 years ago at TJMaxx (and, yes, dad did pick it out!) and we never knew a good time to give it to him.  I'll be honest. I never thought he would love it this much.  It was more of a "we don't have much to give him this year, so let's throw in that old gift we got him years ago"...well, it worked in dad's favor this time!
Opening up the gift...he was curious about it right way...and since we all know Kev is an expert on electricity (hee hee)...he showed him how it worked first...
 Here he is trying it out for the first time.  He was fascinated.  He has never known much about electricity til now.
 Here he is on his bday...sitting by the fire, watching a movie AND making electricity!  He can multitask! 
             Showing Big Sister how to spin a pinwheel with electricity!
Apparently D had hooked something up wrong and the battery got really daddy showed him how to not do that...he is the electrical expert! :)
 Here he is yesterday after church showing Nina and Poppy Stegs in AZ how it worked. He was so intent on it that he made Ashley hold the iphone during facetime so he could make sure he hooked everything up correctly.
And he had to show Sue Sue too when she came over :)
And here he is last night showing the true expert electrician his new gift...Pops in FL...they ended up having a little lesson on might even call this an apprenticeship of sorts.  Too bad D lives a few too many miles away. Pops might have a good family member to take over his business.

So, there ya' go...the best gift a 10 year old boy could least this 10 year old boy. And guess who got it for him...DAD! 

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Nancy Gritter said...

YAY DAD( Kevin)!!!!!!! You are the bomb!! it was really obvious this is the most awesome gift EVER!! We loved how excited D was on facetime!!! Pops really enjoyed the "lesson" time!! What a fun gift that was!!! :) I think I might see a future Electrical Engineer in the family!! :) xo Nina