Sunday, February 21, 2016

Finally...that day is here!

 Well, that day has finally arrived!  We are party-free and have nothing big in the plans til Easter!  It feels so good to have a month ahead that looks foot loose and fancy free!  And the weather makes it seem all the the 60's again!  Seriously...very spoiled for February!  So, here's a quick rundown of our busy day.  Up waaaay too bright and early to make some hungry party sleep-over boys bfast!  Just call me Susie-homemaker. Yea, right!  I am so not a mommy-cook!
 This crew was up super early. Girl sleepover gangs usually sleep in past 8 or 9, but the boys were probably up before 7am...watching Garfield again!  Ash joined them. She is our early riser these days.
 LOL!  This was D's requested party breakfast.  Can you tell what food group he likes. Carb-fest!  I added in a little meat and fruit to make it look well-rounded, but the kid has always liked his carbs!
 Chowing down!  Shelb was still snoozin'...she is our new sleeping-in-girl.
 More war...they cannot get enough of shooting each other...even early in the morning.
 They decided to bombard daddy with bullets.  Bad move.  He joined in the fun.  He somehow grabbed D's gun with D still attached and had him shoot his own friends :)
 Always working on Girl Scout stuff. Working on it last night at 11pm and this morning at 8am!  I am quite certain I am tired of ballerina SWAPs.
 She emerged with a gun :)
 I got bombarded with mellows while driving the boys home. Nice.
 After church, it was off to GS World Thinking Day.  After the weekend we had, I was barely functional for this.  Seriously so tired.  But the girls held there own. They set up our whole booth by themselves.
 Our "Russian" group...minus a couple. 
 Our table was very simple compared to most, but we were good with that. We did all the work in 1.5 hours.  I love how the ballerina SWAPs look on our table.  And I have our little Nutcracker nesting it was like a piece of Hailey was there (even though she is not big on Russian ballet technique :))  I should have brought cardboard Hailey dressed up as a Trepak! haha :)
 I think 300 people showed up to this event.  It was busy and hot in this gym. (can you spot Ash in the right hand corner?)
 Traveling around the countries with her "passport", collecting SWAPs and trying new food (well not really, she only ate cheese at France...she is not big on trying new things!)
 Ashley helping stamp passports at our booth.
 Our boy worked on his derby car today. The big race is Friday night!  We hope Garfield racer is a fast one! (sorry no pics of Shelb at her GS booth...but I am happy to say she is now officially done selling cookies too...yay!)
Another gorgeous day here...sun and warmth.  The kids now like to play in the tree line out back thanks to our capture the flag back there yesterday.  Eek.

So thankful tonight has arrived.  I have had this time in the back of my head as I have planned all these parties and been running around like a crazy person.  It is always good to have an end in sight.  Rest is now on the horizon!  Hallelujah!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Yay, rest!!!!!! Looks like another busy day!!! :) don't know how ya do it!! Have a good week! Xo Mom!