Friday, February 12, 2016

Gearing up for the busy weekend!

 Well, it was the last day of school before V-day. Always a busy day. And you add on planning a party and it's a little craaaazy!  But we are going with it.  Honestly...I do have to say that going to bed after 1am makes me so tired that I do not wake up at my new normal 4am. So that is good!  It's bad when 5 hours of sleep seems awesome! :)  Anyway....someone was up bright and early to get his first choice of donuts. Actually Shelby beat him up and he noticed right away that one donut was missing...he was not happy!
 Ash helped me make a few of her fruit treats for her class party today. We don't normally get crafty with fruit, but I figured amidst all the candy people would rather have some good food. So we went with this.  Cupid's arrows.  She wanted to use heart marshmallows with the heart strawberries, but our stores did not carry them this we used grapes and added a strawberry mellow at the top.  They were cute and gobbled up right away by the firsties!
 I had a lot to do for the party, but I wanted to make something special with my boy. He likes to be crafty with food. So we made wafer choo choos with lifesavers.  The bonus is that he loves to color coordinate things so he had the lifesavers in 5 piles!  Very organized!  I "choo choo" choose you to be my valentine, Logan!
 Firstie party with my crazy Asher!  D didn't have a party...and wasn't supposed to bring in v-tines (though some did)...but he did have an I love Science Day and did experiments.  I think he had fun. Shelb had a minor party, but not cool for parents to attend apparently. 
 I spent very little time on the cake it is just simple this's the top.  You know how I love making banners now...well, I think making cake banners is my new fav!  Fun and easy and everything is even more fun in miniature size!
 Father-Daughter Square dance night...swing your partner once or twice! We don't usually have both girls go to a dance at once with daddy, but we tried it this year since there was no fancy GS dance.  They had fun!
 I made their corsages.  Kroger was too booked with V-day to do it and we were just going to for-go it, but I thought I'd try making them. Super easy and they actually stayed on. Normally the wrist ones get crushed with this dance!  Such pretty girls!
 D was my dishes man tonight...he helped me a ton while the girls were gone with daddy.
 Little guy fell asleep watching cartoons on the the I-pad :)  Awww...sweet boy.
She's still up with me working on party stuff...first time making filled cupcakes. She bought this attachment for me for my bday.  Yumm!

Time for day is almost upon us!

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Nancy Gritter said...

LOVED all these pictures!!! The girls looked so cute in the dance gear..nice pic with Kevin!!
I sure love the sweet pictures of that awesome Logee smile!! LOVE the cake!!!!! WOW, so very cool! Cant wait to see pics of the party! Have a fun weekend!!! xo Mom