Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day!

 Well, it's good ol' leap day!  Gotta appreciate it since it doesn't happen every year!  I could have slept through it. I have been doing so good with my 4am insomnia....til today.  Leap day was not my morning.  But up and atom we were.  Ready for Read Across America one of Dr. Seuss week.  It was Green Eggs and Ham day--wear green.  Our poor teacher had the stomach bug but we sent in our treats anyway.  I think they were a hit. Ash said the kids loved them even though the fish had a reaction with the jello and made it super watery.  Weird.
 Lo and I laid low today.  Mondays are good for us...our one day off usually.  We played under the ping pong table with our fav. toys. :)
 We even took a trek to the playground. It looked warmer than it was...too chilly for mama to last long.  But we slid and slided a bunch of time!
 Being speedy on Thomas :)
 Being silly with our snack. We had a special snack today in honor of Hayeee...but that will be a post for another day...
 We read a little Seuss in honor of the week...
 We got a little sad at one point...mama was making us pick up our toys...
 But we did have fun popping all the party balloons :)
 The day wore us out...mama could have slept like this too...zzzzz
 Ash has moved up to being able to do flips on this trampoline.  Fun!
 Someone got 100% on her science test from last week. The one she studied for a long time for and was worried about. Yay, Shelb!  This came as good timing as she did not get into the ALPs program for middle school. We were bummed. Her teacher was bummed.  She was bummed.  But honestly, I always trust that God has plans and opens and closes doors as necessary.  I trust this is the same in this case.  So proud of our Shelb regardless.  She's one of the hardest working kids I know.
 Some leaps for leap day!  Not so clear on an iphone, but still cute :)
 hee hee...leap, leap, leap!  On a side note, did you see the Google the bunnies. I didn't get it at first (thanks to a sleepless night), but then it hit me...leaping cute! 
We love Leap Day!  Happy Feb. 29!  So glad this month is over...I usually love Feb, but it wore me out this year.  March, here we come!

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