Monday, February 22, 2016

Happy to be back to normal days...

 Well, it was meant to be a lazy day, but that just is never completely in the cards for us.  I simply had to get up and get ready and run my boy to school...yep, it was officially the day to sign him up for preschool.  My heart was a little bit sad to be doing this for the last time for my last child.  And he was a little bit sad too. We had hardly turned the corner to get to church, when he mumbled, "I stay with you"...awwww, what can I say to that?  A part of me wants him to stay with me forever.  But I have to let him go.  He was a little nervous I was leaving him today.  Thankfully he has til mid-August to adjust to going off to school (and to get potty trained!).  I love the above pic bc not only was the sun shining bright, but he was the hand over the face was appropriate on a couple levels :)  But he clutched his jet and was a brave boy :)
 On the way out he took a better pic in the shade.  Love this kid. Gonna miss him two mornings a week next year.  I might shed a tear or two which I have never done with any of my kiddos...I will miss him being home full-time.  He is my bud!
 We celebrated preschool registration with a quick stop to McD's for an ice cream cone!   Yumm!  There was a funny employee lady who tried to talk him into letting her have some. That really creeped him out.  He almost cried. He is not crazy about strangers...I am good with that!  The lady did make it up to him by giving him two free happy meal toys. That helped.
 We played on the playground too. The weather was lovely!
 This one is for Hayeee...he was so proud he went up here all by himself! So high!
 Cutest 3 year old I know!  Love this boy!
 And home for our fav. snack...chips and cheese!  I'm gonna miss my "chips n cheese" boy next year!  We'll make up for it on Tues, Thurs and Fridays!
 He really resisted, but I finally got him to sleep. I had to hold his hand for an hour though before he gave up...and I think I slept for 30 mins before him.  But when I woke up he was zonked out with drool running down his cheek...that's always a sign of a good sleep :)
 LOL!  No idea what they are reading on the screen above me...but they look captivated!  This is our routine on Mondays...waiting for gymnastics to start. Since the gym is next to our school we are always the first people here.  And we snack and chill.
 Go Gold Ash!
My dinner...looked better right-side-up!  I wanted to make this on v-day, but I was too busy cooking for sleepover girls.  I am a big fan of cheesy eggs lately. They are my fav. meal.  And you add in bacon and a pancake or bagel and I am good.  Easy Monday meal, since Mondays are our crazy night!

Time for routine involves earlier bedtime.  Also new routine involves free Sundays. After church we are doing nothing.  We need a day off. Sad that we have to schedule a day off, but if that is how we have to do it, we will!  Nighty night!

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