Friday, February 19, 2016

Knee-deep in Nerf!

 Well, we are wallowing in Nerf-ness right now. Ready for tomorrow to be over...not ready for the party yet...but just focusing on the future and a Sunday night of bliss with no party-planning ahead of us! haha :)  Here's a few pics of the day....Loggy was my heeeeelper!  He loves to lend a hand with fondant (aka eat it!) :)
 Heart be fondant and a boy covered in my white kitchen!  Thankfully he was very careful!  And you cannot hide when you eat that fondant! hee hee :)
 Seriously...he was my big ol' heeeelper today!  He jumped at the chance to cut stuff!
 Cutest thing ever!  I was making a banner for the wall and he made one too...out of the smallest pieces of plate he could make.  Guess how many pieces he cut?  8!  More like eighty!
 All done with cookie sales!  Phew!  So tired of bringing my 3 year old to Kroger and expecting him to sit still for 2 hours at a time.  Good riddens to cookies!!
Target practice on dad.  We are trialing using these cheap darts we got that pretty much could poke your eye out!  We had fun trialing this on dad :)

Now off to bed so we can get up early and do final prep!  Nerf Wars, here we come!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Have fun at your party Dylan!!! Looks like the cake will be very cool! Love Logees scissor talent! :) xo Nina