Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Needing some mental health days...

Well, I have decided I need to take more time for myself. I have said (known) this before now...but I do not consistently do anything about it.  But after 2 weeks of this new 4-hour sleep cycle, I am pretty much brain-dead and worthless.  So I have decided that the next two days will be complete days off for least during school hours. Lo and I will be barely get out of pj's.  And hopefully he will behave and let mama have an easy couple days.  That is the key.  Honestly I have considered flying to FL to visit my parents and see my grandma...just a week of sunshine and warmth and family might do my mind some good. Every Dec. I struggle with this issue of blah-ness.  Today was hard.  But I tried to sit and just veg as much as I could.  Didn't really do much for my mind though....but here is the few things we did do...I am even feeling blah about taking pics...everything seems like a lot of effort when you are functioning on 4 hours of consistent sleep...
 Sweet Lo...he is so good at amusing himself and finding new ways to enjoy his it was using his new glow track, but just to pile his cars on in a patterned haphazard way.  He had just started here...funny kid!
 He danced a little to some V-day music. I find this big silver Hershey Kiss to be quite annoying bc every time you touch it sings "Your Kiss, Your Kiss is on my Lips"...but Lo loves it and was getting down to it!
 Daddy suggested that I go outside today.  I told him that sounded like too much work, but honestly I saw the sunshine and I jumped at the chance to soak it in.  It was much warmer inside the house than outside though...the sun deceived us!  And the wind made it so much worse. I was grumpy. Cold makes me even grumpier than lack of sleep :(  Mama was double grumps. But Lo was happy...he even wanted to take off his coat (he must have daddy's blood!)...and he was super happy to get out his new Christmas/bday scooter...he has only ridden it once outside since he got it bc of the icky winter weather.  Off to the playground he rode tooting his Thomas tunes!
 I tried to be happy amidst the cold, but I only lasted about 10mins at the playground.  We did have fun sliding down slides together :)
 D was thrilled with his dinner starch! Finally he got to eat his bday rolls from Nina...she froze and mailed us 30 of them!  Best gift ever!  I think he had 4 of them tonight.  Yummy! 
And I love this poem D wrote...about Tsunamis.  I thought Hays might appreciate it since she did a report on Tsunamis in elem. school.  He is good at writing if he takes the time.  His teacher loved this one so she had him write it on special paper.  Go D!

That's all I got for today.  My mental health time needs to start now.

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